March 23, 2010

A new experience

I recently changed companies. My decision to change was based on many things, among which was that I felt under-appreciated and unnoticed in my last position. I believe this is a problem that a lot of young professionals have as they forge their way down a career-path; working long nights, buying suits that cost more than a paycheck so that you can look presentable in front of clients, and trying to manage waking up at 6a.m while still partying with college friends till 3a.m.

But what I have learned during my transition is the power of appreciation. Its amazing how productive, creative and insightful people can be when they feel like their time and work is valuable. Even more surprising is how little it takes for someone to feel appreciated; a "thank you" being the simplest of ways, but there are so many others. I believe if the leaders of companies across the country would really embrace this idea, like my new employer does, they would see an increase in employee productivity and an increase in moral. And given the economic state of the country right now a boost in the workplace moral may be just what the doctor ordered.

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