May 18, 2010

BBQ Fest 2010

Memphis in May BBQ Fest has come to a close. The thought brings a tear to my eye, but my liver is celebrating. After four days of BBQ and beer it's time to hop back on the treadmill, so I can try on some wedding dresses on this Friday.

archer>malmo's tent (Work in Progress)

This year's World Championship of Barbecue Cooking Contest, AKA "BBQ Fest" was top notch for several reasons; I had the opportunity to share it with my fiance and we had such a blast together. And there were coworkers and great friends all-round. <K>  and I spent some time with Mary (one of my bridesmaids) and her boyfriend Kevin, which is always a blast. And one of <K>' s groomsmen, Adam, joined the BBQ Fest team this year and graced us with his presence.

Mary and I partying like rockstars!

<K>  entered the poultry competition and placed in the top half this year!!! I tried his competition entry and think it deserved more accolades than it received, maybe I'm partial, but everyone who tried it agreed with me. I'm excited for him to mimic his recipe when we go to the beach in 5 weeks or one Friday night on my patio.

"Hoggystyle" is the name of the team <K>  and they did pretty well this year, getting 27th in red sauce and "Carolina Traveler" was my company's tent. Check out the final results from all the categories.

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