May 21, 2010

Sister's Graduation Gift

Last weekend my little sister, whose not so little anymore, GRADUATED from COLLEGE!!! What an amazing accomplishment. We are all so proud of her. (You should see her graduation pictures, she looks awesome!!!)

Well, normally I am scrambling for a great gift but for over a year now, I've known exactly what I was going to get her to celebrate this big occasion. My sister is a future art teacher with an eclectic eye and a love of jewelry. So when I ran into Sarah at an MPACT event I couldn't help but notice and comment on her awesome rings! Well as luck would have it Sarah owns Charlotte Jewelry, formally at Saddle Creek and now relocating to South Main Downtown. Sarah walked me through the customizable piece that can be mixed and matched, and I knew instantly Danielle would love it. 

I tried to wait patiently but anyone who knows me well knows, when I've got a surprise for you I can't keep it a secret. So I gave Danielle her graduation gift last night and she loved it! The Tipit ring in sterling silver looked awesome on her and I can't wait to helping her build her collection. 

These are just a couple of examples of the Tipit Collection

I want to personally thank Sarah for helping me find the perfect graduation gift for my very special sister. I encourage you all to visit her new store when it opens but until then check out her facebook page. I know I'm not the only one awaiting the opening of the new store. What a great addition to Downtown Memphis. 

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