May 3, 2010

Tragic Flooding in Tennessee

At this point I'm sure that many of you have heard about the terrible storms and flooding that have rocked Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky in the last two weeks. I ask that all of you keep those people devastated by the raising river and continuous rains in your prayers. The pictures were taken of my friend's brother's house and it's just a sample of the weather and tragedy that people are facing. There are casualties and property damage that will take these small towns and large cities months if not years to recover from.

Prayers are necessary.
Photos courtesy of Brandon Hubbard


  1. I just received this in an email from a friend...

    "friend's daughter in nashville had to evacuate their house with 3 month old baby via canoe! Cannot believe interstates are closed due to flooding-hopefully a once in a lifetime storm!"

  2. Brittany, this is a great blog you have here. Thank you for bringing this situation to the forefront.