March 10, 2011

The Perfect Bachelorette Party Dress

I need some help this time, I'm in a runt. My bachelorette party is in 8 days and I have nothing to wear! I went to Macy's yesterday and tried on a couple things and I wasn't happy with any of the options. I walked around the mall and... disappointment. It was a great way to waste a hour and get a walk in my busy schedule but I came up empty handed. I went to Oak Court Mall, so the store list was slim but seriously, not one single dress?

I want to find something sexy, and stylish, and that I can put on and have a great time in. I want a cocktail dress and some awesome shoes but I'm coming up short. With my curvy and petite stature it's way to hard to find anything that I feel good wearing.

Super cute dress but not very curve-friendly
To all of the fashion-forward ladies (and gentlemen) out there, please help!

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