March 7, 2011

The Perfect Weekend

The wedding is less than two months away and after speaking with several recent-brides the one thing that I've learned is how stressful the time leading up to the wedding can be. I know we'll be busy with the MPACT Memphis Soul of the City Gala this weekend and my bachelorette party and Couple's Shower the weekend after. The weekends seem to get so busy so quickly. I feel like we're scheduling away a lot of our free time. <K> and I enjoy being active and engaged in our community and with our friends and family so it's never a burden, but it does leave us little time together at home. Which is why this weekend was so wonderful. We stayed in and started watching the first season of Sons of Anarchy on blue ray (which so far is pretty exciting). We had ice cream, leftover lasagna, a candy dish, fuzzy socks, girl scout cookies, two big couches, a bag of Doritos, endless amounts of blankets, a kindle,  and candlelight. Needless to say we stayed locked away and enjoyed a relaxing weekend before the wedding storm hits.

A Perfect Weekend

     We are so excited about the coming weeks and all the excitement and joy they are going to bring into our lives but every once in awhile, like this weekend, it's nice to sit back and relax and enjoy one another's company and all our blessings. 

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