March 14, 2011

The Tigers are in the Big Dance

     As a Memphis Tiger Alumni I couldn't be more excited and proud, for the University of Memphis Men's Basketball Team. They've made it back to the NCAA Tournament after winning an exciting C-USA Championship against UTEP. Now the Tigers take on Coach Pastner's alamater, Arizona. The tigers got the 12th seed and Arizona is a 5 seed. And the match-up will be televised nationally on CBS.
    Most of you know that I am a HUGE sports fan, but basketball has never been my favorite. I think I was always too short to play and therefore never really became a huge fan. But after moving to Memphis it quickly became apparent, that if you want to make it in Memphis, you better know about the Tiger's Basketball team. I still might not know everything about the game but I do know that when Memphis plays in the tournament, it's my favorite time of year to be a Memphian. The city gets so excited and they have pride for their town. The only thing I wish would change is that the enthusiasm that fans feel in March was more palpable in other months throughout the year.

Joe Jackson was the Conference USA Tournament MVP

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     Regardless, it's March and it's Basketball time, and the Tigers are once again dancing! I suspect that very little work will be getting done on Friday after 2:45! Go Tigers! Make sure to show your support for the hometown team and wear blue on Friday!

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