February 14, 2012

My Sister's Wedding (Hair)

The count down has begun and we're less than 15 days from my little sister's wedding! I can't believe how quickly the wedding has snuck up on us and I know it's going to be absolutely beautiful!

It's a winter/snow flaked-themed wedding in Columbus, OH. She's chosen long plum colored bridesmaid dresses with a v-neck and some silver fabric that wraps around the waist. It's a gorgeous dress. Now all I have to do is decide how to wear my hair. For most weddings I either do my hair myself or allow the stylist to decide but I'd like to do something special for D's wedding.

Here are some options I've found. I'd love to know your thoughts!

My favorite:
Pinned Image

A great modern option on the classic braid:

Pinned Image

or the classic up-do with some intricate braiding detail:

 Pinned Image

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Brittany,

    We're really looking forward to the wedding! I vote for the up-do with braiding detail. That is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Big hugs,

    Camille : )

  2. Brittany,
    The second one is what Alexis is leaning towards. She letterally just sent me that picture last night :P