April 5, 2013

Preparing for a Little One: Registering

I'm so excited to link-up  with Kaitlyn from Wifessionals and Jen at Five 27 Jones for the series, "Preparing for a Little One." As you know I just had my first child 8 weeks ago; and no, I'm not sleeping. Needless to say I'm still trying to figure out what things we registered for that we're never going to use and what things are "must haves."

To start this out I want to reiterate what we all know, every baby is different and every mom and household are different. So my opinions are mine alone, you may agree with me and you may feel strongly opposed to what I have to say but regardless, I hope this helps some of you.

When I registered for my wedding I had a great time. I picked the dishes I loved and bam; they're on my registry. I wanted crystal so I just scanned the code, duh. No one had to like my selections except for my husband. My experience registering for a baby was completely different. I felt so uneducated, unprepared and overwhelmed. In one corner you hear that you can't live without "X"  and in the other its, "can you believe she choose those bottles and not these..." My first suggestion is to throw all those opinions and pressure out the door and to take it slow.

The first time you go to register add a couple things but don't go crazy. You don't have to choose the Pack n' Play, the high chair, the nursery furniture and the babies wardrobe for the first year in your first visit. Take a small notebook and write down questions, then go home and do a little research. Either go back to the store at a later date or just update things on their website if that option is available. Find out what YOU really want; if it's a jogging stroller, fine (I love mine) but you may be super happy with something a little more basic. These decisions don't have to be made overnight.

Second, go register with your significant other. You'll be surprised by some of the must-haves that they want to include on the registry.

Third, don't register for clothes. I mean if there's something that you just have to have, then obviously include it on your registry, but people WILL BUY YOU CLOTHING whether you register for it or not. Plus, you can't predict the size of your child and you don't want to have to run back and forth to the store returning clothing that you don't use once your bundle of joy arrives. <A> came 6 weeks early so all the newborn clothing that we had was WAY TOO BIG. Luck for us he'll grow into everything!

Fourth, don't forget the detergent. Weird I know, but for some reason it never crossed my mind that I needed to wash the babies items before he wore them or snuggled up next to them and I definitely didn't think that I needed special detergent. Babies have super sensitive skin and it might get irritated by some of the chemicals that are in your everyday detergent. I use Dreft but any baby-friend detergent will work.

Fifth, don't buy a breast pump or include it on your registry. Most insurance plans cover the cost 100%. So if you have insurance, give them a call and see what their policy is before you ask that someone spend hundreds on something you can get for free.

Finally, and not really registry-related; start recording your favorite shows, order two new magazine subscriptions and buy some super comfy PJ's for yourself. You are about to spend a lot of time at home hanging out with your baby. This is time for your body to recover and for you to bond with your baby. Don't forget how important it is to take care of yourself in the process.

My must-have list: a video baby monitor, a jogging stroller (the Bob), Dreft and a humidifier.

All photos are from the manufacturer's website

Here are some more details about the series, "Preparing for a Little One"

The series is divided into two mini 4 week series grouped into questions Pre-Baby & Post Baby. The first mini series will be:

Friday, April 5: Registering (Everything you need to know, Must Haves, Don't Bothers, etc...)
Friday, April 12: Nursery Organization & Ideas
Friday, April 19: Packing For The Hospital: For you & the baby
Friday, April 26: Birth Stories (The good, bad, and ugly) / Birth Plans (yes? no?)

Feel free to link-up with your suggestions.

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  1. Great tips! I started my registry online, finished it in store, and I was also happy that my husband came with me to help decide between things, even though I was the one who did a lot of research.

    stop by sometime!

  2. I wish I had thought of the magazine subscriptions! What a great idea!!!

    Found you from the linkup!

    Congrats on the new bundle!