July 9, 2013

Packing an Infant

For the Fourth of July weekend my family of three (I still love saying that) headed to Hilton Head, SC for our first vacation. My parents graciously invited us to join them and my sister at the beach and they planned it so we could be there for four days without taking any time off for work (score). 

My biggest anxiety about the trip was packing everything I needed for our infant. I didn't want to get there and realize I had to go to the grocery store for infant sunscreen. My list-making, post it-lovin' self made a packing plan. I found it incredibly helpful and because my moments of parenting genius are few and far between, I thought I'd share.  

I started with this list:

Then I made small piles for each subsection, gathering all the items and bagging them in their groups. This way all the beach and pool items were together and all the feeding items were condensed in one place... It made it easier once we arrived because I could just pull out the feeding bag and put it in the kitchen without any worries that I'd be searching through stuff later when he was crying and hungry.

If you're planning on traveling with an infant here are some things I would suggest taking in your diaper bag:
  • diapers (duh)
  • wipes (duh x2)
  • changing pad
  • diaper cream
  • at least 2 clean bottles and formula (one for the trip there and one for the trip back)
  • burp clothes (4-5) - <A> spits up a lot so we need these readily available
  • 2-3 clean onesies or outfits
  • a clean top for mom and dad - see the comment above about spitting up
  • hand sanitizer 
  • nail clippers (make sure you don't try to carry these on a plane if your trip involves air travel)
  • baby brush/comb
  • several pacifiers (if applicable)
  • baby meds (if applicable)

Some other things that might be helpful to remember for your trip; make frequent stops, at least every 4-5 hours, so you can change baby, take them out of their car seat and stretch their little limbs. This may add drive time to the trip so make sure you've given yourself enough time to get to your destination. Since you'll be adding time to your trip prepare a snack bag/drinks for the adults so you don't have to make even more stops. 

Consider purchasing a window shade to help block the sunshine while your baby (hopefully) sleeps. And finally, expect the unexpected. As a parent I think this becomes the norm but just be prepared for a fussy baby, a flat tire or an alien invasion (you never know). 

These simple tricks really helped to make our vacation a success and <A> traveled so well, sleeping most of the time both there and back. 

Do you have any other great traveling tips for infants that I left out?

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  1. I love this. You were well prepared, my dear!
    How I remember those days, haha! My sister just visited with her 4-month old daughter and 7-year son, lots to pack! The photo is too cute!

    1. Thanks so much Wendy! Pre-baby I never took the time to organize my packing like this but it was so helpful now that we have a little one!