February 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Facebook

Here's to you Facebook, the purveyors of social media. Happy 10th birthday. 

I remember when you were just a wee pup, only available to college students. I recall my freshman year anxiously waiting for the day when they'd announce your launch at my school. The anticipation grew as you arrived at other nearby colleges. Oh what a glorious day it was! And to think, now you're everywhere. Friending has become a verb and people take professional profile pictures. It's crazy what you can accomplish in a decade. 

As an ode to all you've done I thought I'd share my first profile pic, or at least the oldest one that's still being hosted in my Profile Album. 

It was a great first decade Facebook, here's to many more!

Be Blessed,
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  1. haha! I was just thinking I should look back and see what my first profile picture was!!

    1. When I looked back I don't think this is even my real first pic since I subscribed to FB 3 years before this was ever posted but apparently Im so old they don't have my first pic on there!