February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Commercial Commentary

I work in advertising so naturally I love the Super Bowl for its buff men in tight pants, great tailgating food and of course the commercials. But like most, I was underwhelmed this year and I'm not talking about my homemade beef brisket sandwiches, which were amaz-balls! Here's the brisket recipe, thanks Pioneer Women. 

I digress. The commercials just fell short. There were some cute spots and a funny one here and there and of course the ever-so-clever Esurance post-game spot that's generated tons of social buzz, but overall it was disappointing.

The Clydesdale and puppy commercial was cute but expected. Budweiser does a similar spot each year. I'm not complaining I mean how could you not love cute puppies and gorgeous horses whose sole job is to cart beer around? It had all the necessary ingredients for a good spot: puppies, horse, beer. check, check and check. Throw in a little humor and puff! Where I think Budweiser, and many others went wrong was releasing their signature spot before the big game. The surprise and anticipation are extremely diluted when you already know what to expect.  

My favorite spot was the Radio Shack commercial. I think they went for a humorous spot and it was actually funny, I can't say the same for some of the other attempts at humor, but this one was a winner in my book. I really loved that they poked fun of themselves as they relaunch their brand and hopefully change consumer perceptions. 

For the anthemic spot my vote goes to Chrysler and Bob Dylan. The copywriting for this spot was some of the best I've heard lately. The script is explanation enough, "And when it's made here, it's made with the one thing you can't import from anyone else - American Pride. So let Germany brew your beer. Let switzerland make your watch. Let Asia assemble your phone. We will build your car." That's some powerful stuff.


Finally, the award for most under-rated spot goes to Turbo Tax. I love how it utilized the Super Bowl to leverage an understanding audience and bring a sense of comedy to taxes. 

Overall there were far fewer humorous spots than previous years and advertisers we're definitely trying to pull on heart strings with several spots laced with Americana references. In my opinion neither the commercials or the game were worth their hype. 

Be Blessed,


  1. The Radio Shack one was definitely awesome. I like the Tim Tebow commercials too- just because I thought it was funny that he was obviously making fun of himself.

    1. I completely agree with you. While I'm not a Tebow fan, he got points in my book for his ability to poke fun of himself!

  2. I didn't like the commercials this year - I felt like the majority fell short. I expect Superbowl commercials to be clever or funny, and most of them were neither! The Tim Tebow ones for T Mobile were my favorites.

    1. I agree. I liked the T mobile spots too I just wish there were some other commercials with humor that was actually funny. I think a lot tried to be funny but I wasn't laughing.