September 11, 2014

God Was There - Remembering 9/11

This day inevitably brings with it a flood of memories. Where you were, who you were with, and what you felt when you heard about the towers falling. Did you cry? Did you pray? Did you gather your loved ones? Did you spend time in a silent personal space? Were you afraid?

I recently heard someone say that we're the historians of our generation, responsible for passing along our stories to our children. In generations pasted they bestowed their stories of unforgettable moments in history like Kennedy's death, walking on the moon and Pearl Harbor. One chapter we're responsible for recording is the painful story of 9/11. So, here's my story 13 years later.

I was sitting in my second period Theology class. It was Junior year, I had no real cares. I was only paying just enough attention to get an A in class but I was really focused on soccer after school or my high school boyfriend sitting two rows away. The soccer season was in full swing, I was a starter and junior year was the year I'd make an impression on college scouts. I can tell you what I was dressed in because I wore a uniform and dressed in the same thing every day. My gray jumper with some sort of pastel colored oxford button-down shirt and knee socks to hide my shinguard farmer's tan. 

On a day unlike any other, the principal suddenly interrupted our regular class, promoting all teachers to turn on the TVs in each individual classroom. He explained that a plane had flown into the first of the two towers. At this point we had no clue that we were under attack. We sat innocently praying and watched as the second plane struck building two. Words were not adequate and as the day unfolded. We watched intently as news of the other two planes became known, no one could comprehend the full scale of what was happening but there was clearly panic and fear in the eyes of every high schooler as they packed their bags and returned home early to be with their families.

I went to a Catholic high school. We prayed before the school day started and we prayed before each class began. That day we prayed until we put our heads down to sleep. I'm sure many of us looked to God and questioned him. We prayed to God for safety. We were angry at God for the loss. We were grateful to God for the heroic men and women who gave of themselves so selflessly. But God was there, even in such a tumultuous time.

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That day the lives of every American citizen were effected, some much more so than others. We take this day to remember how it felt, what happened and how we reacted. But it's more important to remember that faith persevered and that God was and is by our side through it all. 

Today we remember the heroes. Today we remember the fallen.  Today we remember God. 

God Bless the USA,
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  1. I was in band class. The other band director ran into our room in the middle of a song and turned on the TV. I'll never forget seeing our director's jaw drop and his arms fall from directing.

  2. It was such a terrible day that will always burn in our memory.