September 6, 2014

In Case You Missed It

Hello lovelies! It's College Football Saturday, basically Heaven on Earth or at least the best day of the week, if you ask me. I'll be cheering for the Buckeyes and ladies and gents, I'm seriously pumped up! It's a big game this week on College Primetime! 

If you're not a College Football fan you may have a little extra personal time on your hands since the man in your life will likely take his throne in front of the TV with a beer and something deliciously unhealthy off the grill. I suggest you join in his ritual-like festivities but if you decide that life is not for you here's a little list of things you might have missed this week:

Godly Encouragement for Moms - scripture to help lift you up when you need it most
Mamas Tell All - An HUGE Announcement
Five Tips for Making the Most of Your Honeymoon - How to have the trip of a lifetime


Also here are some of my favorite posts from other bloggers:

DIY Chalkboard Tray - Hey Kelsea Rae
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it's complicated. me and church. so complicated. - mr. thomas & me

Finally, make sure to take advantage of my love of football and save 25% on all ads with code Kickoff. Check out my sponsorship options here.

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend,
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1 comment:

  1. loving football season! I'll have to go check out your favorite posts from the week! Happy Sunday!