November 5, 2014

Looking Ahead

I started blogging for many reasons. I continue to blog because of the wonderful community and that couldn't be more evident than through this linkup. The participation and encouragement have been overwhelming. It's hard to believe we only have two topics left! But that means there's still time for you to join the fun. 

The Topic
Planning for the Future - Do you have a living will, guardianship and college saving funds in place. What's necessary and how do you make sure your child is prepared for the future?  

The test was positive. 

Joy. Fear. Completely overwhelmed doesn't begin to describe the flood of emotions that ensued after the pregnancy test read positive. I was going to be a mom!  

Fast forward about 15 days (+/- 14.5) and the planning is already in full swing. 

What color should we decorate the nursery? When and how should we announce our precious gift? Who would we tell first? What's a good name for a girl? What if it's a boy? Should we move beforehand? How will I know if I'm a good mom? When was the last time I even changed a diaper? How much weight will I gain? 

All day. Everyday. The questions came flooding in creating this cyclone of anxiety and excitement. I thought it would all stop a couple weeks after bringing our baby home. I thought I would fall into a routine where the questions ceased and answers rolled in, but that never happened. The questions just changed. 

When do I start putting him in timeout? Is he too young to send him to grandma's for a week? How can I tell if he's eating enough fruits and veggies? Is it okay to let him watch two episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in one afternoon? Will I ever feel rested? Is he on target with his development? Do people think I'm a bad mom? 

When you're bombarded with questions that effect your everyday it's easy to miss some of the really important planning questions, you should ask yourself. Those questions that prepare you for the things that will allow your child to prosper in the future. The things that help you as a parent protect your child, your legacy: college funds, and living wills and guardianship. These involve tough questions. Ones you can't consult google for when you need an answer. The ones that require planning and discussions and probably a lot of soul searching. 

And when the questions aren't overwhelming the execution is. Getting my little guy to eat can be a chore each day, how am I supposed to also find time to go to an attorney's office and complete a living will? 

Well the problem is I haven't. And that MUST change. It's my job as a parent to prepare my child for the future and I haven't adequately done that. My husband and i have discussed the immediate need for a will and guardianship papers and our goal to to have them complete by the end of the year. No more stalling and no more excuses because in the end answering some tough questions could be just as beneficial in the long run as preparing a well-balanced meal or ensuring that my son gets 8 hours of sleep. 

How are you planning for a brighter future for you little ones?

Be Blessed,
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  1. the questions! I STILL get the questions. I think the good moms are the ones that are always questioning and always wondering about the next step. Always looking for help. We haven't done a living will either. There's a lot we haven't done, and i know we need to, but everything happens in its own time. Breathe, mama- you've got this. You're a great mom! You're still doing everything at its best for your son!

  2. Always the questions. I guess they'll never stop! I think Melissa's right...I think that's a good thing! Great post!

  3. The last link-up is next week! *tear -- I've had so much fun! If you do get a chance to draw up a living will -- I would love to hear about any tips and processes that you found helpful. I guess it all is very intimidating to me. Now with #2 on the way -- the questions are REALLY in full swing! It is so strange to anticipate a huge life-change! Thanks for sharing :)