April 22, 2015

I'm Full of Sh*t


We love and adore our children so we clean up their dirty diapers. Let's get it straight no one actually enjoys this task, it's just part of the job. So the day your little one is ready to start potty training must feel like a glorious release from endless hours of cleaning up nasty messes. But I can only imagine because that day hasn't come for me, yet. My little man is still happily in diapers - not pull ups - just the good old fashioned diapers but I await the day anxiously. 

So when it comes to potty training advice I'm full of... you get the picture. 

But here's what I do know:
  • Potty training typically takes place between ages two and four.
  • Boys tend to start the process a little later than girls (at least this is what I tell myself).
  • Boys never really learn the process - I mean they spray everywhere - have you seen the inside of a men's restroom? - what I really mean is good luck to my fellow boy moms.
  • Once you start potty training - it's an all-hands-on-deck process. No weak links allowed. 
  • Try not to confuse your toddler by switching from diapers to pull ups - choose one and commit. It may be convenient for you to transition back to diapers for a quick run to the grocery store but the idea is to allow your little to realize the consequences when they go potty in their big boy/big girl panties.
  • But since you already know the consequences of said potty training I would recommend bringing a couple spare changes of clothing for you and your little (you never know when sh*t can happen).
  • Allowing your littles to watch you potty (as uncomfortable as it might make you feel) will give them a sense of comfort and help reduce any trepidation they might have about using the potty.
  • When your little can pull their own pants up and down - it may be a good time to start thinking about potty training.
  • Talk to your toddler about their potty habits so that they become comfortable articulating what they need from you once the diapers disappear.
  • I hear summer is the best time for potty training because you can put your kids in their big kid underwear and let them run around outside and hose them off if when they get messy. 
  • I've also heard that rewarding your little for their crappy behavior (see what I did there?) or potty efforts that go well encourages them to continue down a path for success. Stickers, suckers or extra time outside can all be great motivators. 
  • Patience is key. It's a messy and nasty and smelly and gross (okay I'll stop) job training a toddler about how to use a potty. Just remember the reward once they can do it all by themselves - no more diapers, no more smelly trash cans, no more wiggly babies with half-secured dirty diapers dangling from their thunder thighs and no more fear of the super soaker (boy moms - you know what I'm talking about). 
But what do I know? I still have a little guy in diapers so frankly I'm no expert but I will be knee deep in sh*t before I know it so any potty-training advice you can offer is much appreciated.  If you're a blogger grab our button, follow our hosts and join the conversation. If you're not a blogger share your thoughts in the comment section and check out all the other great moms sharing their poopy stories. (The pons are ridiculous today). We're here to cultivate a community of mamas that can learn from the experiences of one another and we'd love to hear what you have to say. 

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  1. This is mostly true. But we use pull ups at night and naps only. Yes there are accidents in the store some times but such is life. Making them feel comfortable is very true. I used to have to sing to zander so he'd relax and poop lol

  2. I totally agree about no weak links! Everybody has to support potty training for it to work!