April 15, 2015

What Did You Just Say?


My little man recently turned two. Two, the age of terribleness, as some people refer to it. The age when personalities blossom and babies become little girls and boy. The age when boundaries are tested and speech develops. Your little can finally express his wishes and desires, his wants and needs. He can tell you when he's tired and that he doesn't actually like "Nemo" but loves "Cars." This transition to communication helps break through so much of the frustration little ones face prior to their speech explosion.

Since we are just really testing the waters of communication I don't have a lot of stories about funny things my little man has said however here are a couple of my favorites so far:

  • When I put my little guy in time out he looks up at me and says, "Austin adorable - hug?"
  • He calls his belly button a "belly butt"
  • Donuts are commonly referred to as "no nuts" 
  • He loves to go shopping and clearly requests to go to "Costco, target and Depot" meaning the home depot
  • He calls his grandma "GaGa" even though he can clearly say "Grandma" - the name she prefers
  • Whenever he says pizza it comes out "pa-pa-pa-iza" 
  • I love it when he says, "green" but just leaves out the "r" - this happens most often at a red light, "Geen please - go go geen"
He repeats just about everything and he picks up on things so quickly. Don't believe me? Just watch how cute this video is of him wishing his uncle "Happy Birthday."

If you have a little one that's a talker I'm sure you have some great stories! Grab our button, follow our hosts (myself, Christine, Ashley and Melissa) and join the conversation. We're here to cultivate a community of mamas that can learn from the experiences of one another and we'd love to hear what you have to say. 

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Here is the schedule for upcoming Mamas Tell All topics:

April 22: Saying Goodbye to Diapers – tips and tricks or just stories about the potty-training process
April 29: The Man Behind the Mama – talking about husbands, boyfriends, etc.
May 6: Fighting the Green-Eyed Monster - talking about how all mamas sometimes get jealous of others
May 13: Dating my Daughter/Son – spending special time on “dates” with our kids
May 20: Last Year We Bought a Zoo (or Not) – a discussion on pets in the family - do you have any? why or why not?

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  1. No nuts sounds right for a two year old. When Ainsley tries to say zander it comes out "guh-guh" not sure why. Lol. He's so cute

  2. What a cutie. I have a belly butt too! :P Kenzie calls my grandma either Monkey Ma or Grammar even though she can say grandma clearly. I think it is to funny.

  3. Oh so cute! I love the "just starting to talk" phase. My firstborn used to call his grandparents (all of them) Gaga, then just Grandpa was Gaga. I love it. I wish he still called him that!

  4. hahaha too cute! my grandmother wanted to be called "nana" but for some reason all I would ever say was "nanu" + that definitely stuck. now grown ups call her that too.... I love the belly butt.....

  5. I love "Nanu" what a great name! I think it's adorable when little ones unintentionally "name" someone!

  6. I love it too but my mom associates it with Lady Gaga so I don't think it's her favorite. I hope it sticks around a while ;)

  7. Belly butt is my favorite! I love all the crazy things our littles say!