May 6, 2015

The Green-eyed Monster

Jealousy is a dangerous drug. It's human instinct to compare ourselves to others and it's challenging to keep envious thoughts at bay. They seem to sneak up and take over like a nasty infection. Even more challenging is that jealousy can rear its nasty head at any stage of life. You might have first experienced jealously in grade school when a classmate had the newest toy, or middle school when your grades didn't compare to the smartest kids in the class. You weren't the the prom queen? Maybe that brought up feelings of inadequacy or envy. It might have been there when the "perfect" sorority girl showed up in the gorgeous dress and stole all the attention from your male counterparts. Maybe now you see the mom that can do it all and compare her wonderfully structured life to your own perfectly messy reality. There's always going to someone that's smarter, stronger, faster, more organized... but that doesn't mean you aren't perfect. 

God created you perfectly - in his image. When you have envy in your heart find solace in the Lord and his plan. But I realize that is much easier said than done. 

I can tell you I struggle with jealousy daily. I look at other mothers who seem to manage impossible schedules, hold down full time jobs, they look like they've stepped out of a fashion magazine every morning, their children are sparkling images of happy, healthy children and all the while they keep a beautifully organized home. How is that even possible? My true life is so far from that reality. My house is almost always in shambles. Those rare pictures I have of myself require the very generous, hands-on efforts of my husband so that I can brush my teeth and actually blow dry my hair - most days I'm rocking a top knot and glasses and some kind of sweat pants and t-shirt combination. 

In my own eyes I'm not perfect but I try to remind myself that my son adores me, my husband gives me a special look when he is truly content and happy with life, my parents are proud the women I've become and my sister looks up to me. This isn't to say I'm not without my faults. But my earthly family loves the women and mom I am and my heavenly father created me perfectly. 

For all you beautiful mamas out there you are amazing. You are hard working, beautiful, smart and above all you have little ones that you love and adore beyond your own comprehension - that is a wonderfully perfect thing. 

Tell us about your struggles with jealousy and envy in this week's Mamas Tell All (#MamasTellAll) Linkup. Follow the lovely ladies below and make sure to share the link to your blog. If your not a blogger share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I had a hard time writing this week but you did so beautifully!! Loved this!!

  2. I think it is so important that we remind ourselves that we don't -have- to be perfect. I think you are amazing. <3

  3. I love this! Those women who seem to have their family lives all put together probably don't see themselves that way - they know the whole story, we just see a glimpse. ;)

  4. Thanks! That's so true I once read, "it's hard to be happy when you compare your life to someone else's highlight reel." It was related to seeing the glimpses into people's lives - the happy times that they post. It's sometimes hard to remember that's not the big picture.

  5. I think all women struggle with some sort of jealousy. Even when the children are grown, it is just directed to other things. Most of us, struggle alone, because to admit our insecurities has further consequences. Just remember, no one is perfect, some just have better time management skills, have their priorities laid out differently and as you so eloquently said, we all are made in His image and perfect in His eyes!