August 12, 2015

An Answered Prayer

I don't want to waste any time introducing my new beautiful baby boy, A.J.

He was born on August 1st under a full moon - a blue moon to be exact. Every breath he takes is a blessing.

Over the last week and a half I needed to take some time with family and friends to celebrate our new bundle of joy and while I haven't necessarily been posting on the blog that's not because I haven't been writing.

A.J. is now 12 days old but these words that I wrote a week ago could not be any more true now:

I'm wide awake and it's 4am. Every sound inside and outside the house is muted except for the steady hum of crickets and the soft inhale and exhale of the house's occupants. The world is asleep but you my beautiful boy are staring at me with your big round eyes. You're just five days old and it's hard to believe how much I already love you. You have runaway with my heart.

Your eyes are searching for something. I think you're looking right at me but I know you can only see  remnants of light and color; although I'm convinced when you stare in my direction that you know it's me and that I'm your mama. I have such a connection to you. When you cry I have a physical reaction. When I see your big brother love on you and kiss your head I'm sure my heart quite literally skips a beat (or two). 

The two of you are my tiny humans. The fruit of my loins and my life's greatest work. I have so much planned for you both and I have so many expectations but in my heart of hearts I'm most excited about you breaking through those expectations and you living your own unique life. I'm just so privileged that I get to bear witness to all the opportunities in front of you. You can't even walk yet let alone hold up your own neck but your impact on the world is immeasurable. The ripple effects of love that are shooting out from our home have to be felt by neighbors and loved ones alike. 

Your tiny body offers a beacon of hope that with each new life lies exponential opportunity for an incredible future. Life is so simple in your unfiltered eyes - you love those that care for you, without inhibition or reserve. You allow others to help you when you're in need without pride. You except things as they are without question and see things in their current state not in a life perpetuated by a list of cause and effects that have brought you to this point. 

I have so much to teach you and even more to learn from you but it's only day five. So for now we can rock back and forth to the hum of crickets and appreciate these early morning moments when you and I dream of conquering the world.  

Be Blessed,
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