November 18, 2016


It takes relatively little effort to find it in our everyday lives. Sometimes the feeling sneaks up on us and sometimes it brews right in front of our eyes. It can hide in the small things or stand tall and mighty with the magnificent. Thankfulness surrounds us all the time, the key to feeling and living a more thankful life is to be open to all the amazing, big and little, things that surround us. It's about making an effort to take notice with a grateful heart. 

I'm eternally thankful for my loving husband and our two beautiful, blue-eyed boys, our home and the family and friends that walk through our door but I'm also thankful that the kids are quietly (and happily) watching Sesame Street as I type this, sipping a still-hot-cup of coffee, looking out at the gorgeous fall trees in my backyard, and there just so happens to be a blue bird pecking its way around in the leaves. I'm thankful for this moment and that I get to share it with you. Finding thankfulness in your life doesn't require some grandiose statement. I believe the key to living a life of thankfulness is being grateful for the smallest details of your life - your running water, tickling baby toes, the changing leaves, kind neighbors, a good night's sleep, if you're like me, a microwave to reheat your coffee, lighting a candle at the end of a long day, a good book, a friend that you don't speak to often but who knows you and says all the right things when you do talk.

I'm also thankful that today I got to share a new recipe and little piece of my heart with the readers of Writing Mother Fashionista. You can check that out here if you're interested - it's a good one I promise. Here's a little sneak peak - yum!

Individual Apple Crisps - a simple recipe that will stun and delight your holiday guests and leave your house smelling of sweet apple goodness.

I'm also abundantly thankful to be participating in this awesome gift guide linkup this week. If you're on the search for great Christmas gifts this year you really need to check out some of the ideas these ladies came up with! You can check out my list of 7 Untraditional Toddler Gifts by clicking the link below!

Be Blessed,
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