May 10, 2010

My Bridal Shoes

The other day I noticed that a Pip Pip and All That was giving away Filippa Scott sample shoes for FREE. Yes I said FREE, f-r-e-e! So as you can imagine, after frantically applying for my size 6 Cecilia in ivory, I was on the phone with my mom and sister. They also happen to be sample sizes (6-6.5 and 9.5) and were able to snag a pair each.

So today was the magic day. Right after lunch we all received our beautiful shoes. I would like to thank Pip Pip and all that and Filippa Scott for their generosity, the Strung ladies (and one future Fryman) will looking gorgeous in these great shoes!

I don't have my dress yet, but I'm hoping these super comfy fabulous shoes look great with it, so that I can rock them on my wedding day!

Brittany's shoe- Cecilia (Ivory)

Mom's Shoe -  Trixie (Ivory)

Danielle's Shoe - Coco (White)

I couldn't wait until I left the office to open them! So pretty!


  1. Wow, how lucky for you! I LOVE all of the Filippa Scott styles and enjoy reading Pip Pip and All That. Thanks for sharing!