January 5, 2011

The Pleasure's of Home Ownership

Many have gone before me and experienced some of the same agonizing mishaps, but I must convey my frustrations nonetheless.

In 2010 it seemed like each week provided a new home disaster. And being that I am a planner and not accustomed to such serendipitous deviations from my calendar, each discovery caused quite a bit of undue stress.

Let me outline for you my 2010 home disasters. It began when the carbon monoxide detectors started screaming one very cold morning (Yes there were two of them and they BOTH went off at the same time). After the Memphis Fire Department came to the house and then MLGW graced me with their presence, I was told there was no leak and that the detectors went off for no apparent reason. The firemen and MLGW worker did however, suggest that I get a new furnace given that the one I owned was older than me.

One thing led to another and before long we were on the hunt for a new heat-maker. After several meetings it was decided and a new furnace was installed. But things are not always as easy as they appear, because apparently the city has to inspect them to make sure that they are up to code. And much like all other city agencies and handy workers they only work 9-5pm Monday through Friday. So I took some time off of work, the city eventually came out to the condo, and the rest is history.

That is until there was leaking in the roof that caused stains and cracks in the ceiling. After continuous calls to the Homeowner's Association a time was finally scheduled for the men to come out and repair the ceiling. It was going to take them all day to make the repairs, another day off work. Until my parent's, who live out of state, graciously decided that I could schedule the repair visit for while they were in town. The ceilings were repaired, kind of...

The refrigerator stopped working-we had to buy a new one.
The washing machine stopped working-we had to have the handyman come out (twice) to repair it.

Then December rolled around and we were almost at the conclusion of the year of home repairs, until roofers (who were there to address the leaky roof problems from earlier in the year) were diligently hammering away when one of their legs fell through my ceiling onto my Christmas tree!

With a hole in the ceiling I was forced to take another day off of work so that they could put the new sheet rock up and repair the damaged ceiling, as well as touch up other problem areas that they missed during their visit in May.

The year ended and the home was in wonderful shape and after all the days off and money spent it all seemed worth it when we sat on the couch and enjoyed the beautiful home.

It seemed as though the crazy curse of the perpetually damaged home was over after the ball dropped and we rang in 2011. That is until I cooked dinner just 3 days later and the stove exploded. It looks like 2011 could shape up to be a very interesting year of home repairs!

And here is where my frustration really lays. For those millions of homeowners out there maybe you can provide me with some insight. These things will happen, as they do to all of us, but why is that they only times you can get anything repaired or mixed is during the most inconvenient hours. During the times when over 80% of American homeowners are working? How does that make any sense? And what happens if you aren't able to take time off of work-what would you do then? And how many times is it appropriate to go to your boss and tell them that something else in your home has stopped working and that it will therefore keep you from work?

I will conclude by saying that my ranting does not make me any less grateful to have a roof over my head, good company in my house, and when working, food in my refrigerator and on my stove. These are simple basic pleasures that many of us take for granted everyday but that many millions of people across the globe lack on a daily basis. Maybe we are faced with our own homeowner disasters every once in awhile as a reminder of how truly luck we are to be so blessed...

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