March 28, 2012

What I'm into Wednesday: Bloggers

As a novice blogger I'm really interested in the blogging community and how successful bloggers make the blog-o-sphere work for them. There are blogs out there on every topic imaginable and just when I think I've run out of ideas I get inspiration from one of the blogs I like to check on the regular.

Since I'm still developing my own tone and voice for this blog it's nice to read how established bloggers communicate with their audience. 

So since I'm into blogging this week I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite blogs with you:

Cooking on the Bright Side: A cooking blog (obviously) written by one of my best friends in Memphis who is a culinary host extraordinaire and an all-round awesome women.

Skinny Taste: A foodie blog with a hug following, and rightly so. Gina, the blog's author is creative, inventive, and completely authentic.She's also great about replying to her reader's questions and comments.

Pretty in Pink Megan: A fashion blog that I adore! Megan offers up great fashion advice for every budget and she has a unique vision of how to put things together.

A Classy Southern Wife: A former coworker of mine was the first women I'd ever met who maintained a blog and her's has a little of everything; fashion, cooking, decorating, oh my! 

Brooklyn Blonde: This women can rock it! I adore all the pictures she posts and I'm always inspired by her New York style!

Norococo: This has always been one of my favorite blogs, especially when I lived in Memphis. She is such a talented photographer and truly captures the city of Memphis from a different angle then I ever saw it. She also has great restaurant reviews and architectural posts.

I hope you all enjoy these blogs as much as I do! If you're a blogger I'd love to hear your tips on maintaining a blog with content that's original and authentic. I would really love to grow my audience and any helpful tips would be tremendously appreciated! 

And whether your a blogger or not I'd love to know what blogs do you love?

Thanks for reading.


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