April 3, 2012

Moving to a New City

     When I got married I had no idea I'd be packing my bags a month after my honeymoon and moving from Memphis to Atlanta. My husband and I spoke at length about the change and we agreed the move would offer us both unique career opportunities. We've now been in Atlanta for over 9 months and, like any move, there's been some exciting adventures mixed with homesickness. 

     I moved away from home after graduating from high school. I choose to go to the University of Memphis for college, which meant that I would be ten hours away from the only place I'd ever called home, Columbus, Ohio (Go Buckeyes!). But moving for school when your 18 is much different than moving when you're married for your job. In high school I prepared myself for the change and my reality wasn't that unique from the other kids I graduated with. Most of my friends were planning on moving away, even it was only an hour or two. At that point in my life I prepared myself to meet new people in class, at parties, or even in the line at the grocery store. My entire existence was based around living out new experiences. And almost everyone I came into contact with was of the same mindset. I was lucky enough to play soccer in college, even if it was only for a short time, so when I moved to Memphis I almost instantly had a community of like-minded women all around me. They too had come from different cities and states. In fact, most of them were from other countries, so we could always find commonality in our choice to leave our comfort-zone. 

     As an adult, moving is a completely different experience. It's still as exciting and nerve-racking as it was when you leave home for college but it's much more difficult to find your niche in your new city. Without the structure of the classroom there are very few opportunities to actually meet other people or couples. I feel like I am dating all over again but this time I'm just looking for people to hang out with. 

    I think it's even more challenging to find a group of people to hang out with on weekends since I'm married but I don't have children. At least from the outside, it seems to me that most parents meet their social community through their children. So how are the married, childless young adults supposed to find other cool couples to hang out with?

     I've met some great people at work, but then there's always the awkwardness of only hanging out with your coworkers. I've gone to yoga and while the people are incredibly nice, the instructors prefer quite classrooms, so it's not a very conducive environment to meet others. We've gone to the local bars but in the back of my mind I'm contently repeating the  old cliche, that you don't meet your husband (or your friends) at a bar. So short of joining an e-harmony website for new friends I'm at a complete lose. For you out-of-towners I'd love to know you're thoughts on meeting other couples.

Thanks for reading.



  1. It's hard moving after marriage. I wish I could help you! I have some of the same difficalties as you. Though with the work on the house I get out else, but Justin and I have been talking about what we can do to get out and meet people. I love you though and if you ever need anything I'm here. It's also just different living with someone else. Not that its bad at all, just different.

  2. Ummm, I have the solution. Move back to Memphis because I miss y'all! =)

    -Mrs. Smith