May 7, 2012

Festival Fare

I'm excited to announce that one of my best friends, Mary S, will be a guest blogger for this week's Foodie Friday! Mary writes Cooking on the Bright Side and she is easily one of the most talented at-home chefs I've ever met. Never have I met a meal, snack, or drink prepared by Mary that I haven't absolutely loved and I know you'll love her recipes as well.

In the meantime...
It seems like summer is already upon us here in Atlanta and that means it's time for festivals! I absolutely love festivals and I'm sure my husband is already sick of me begging to go to one every weekend. A couple weekends ago he finally caved and we went to the Inman Park Festival. It was perfect. It wasn't too hot but it was hot enough that a cold beer (or yard-long Margaretta) tasted delicious and refreshing.  The festival featured a tour of the beautiful homes, a parade, and of course there were plenty of vendors selling artist garb. The streets were filled with Atlantians from every walk of life, all who came out to take part in the weekend's festivities.

But best of all there was all the festival fare that you could ask for; from pizzas, to fried snickers, funnel cakes, and corn dogs. And of course I indulged. I went for the chicken gyro topped with sauteed peppers and onions covered in tzatziki sauce and stuffed into a pita. What's not to love?

Another bonus was the beautiful architecture flanking the festival. The houses were built during the late ninetieth and early twentieth century. They have exquisite details from wrought iron fences and expansive porches, to arches and Queen Anne style construction. Next year I'm hoping my husband and I can go on the tour of Homes offered by the festival.

Thanks for reading.

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