May 1, 2012

What I'm into Wednesday: Crystal

I know it's strange but I have a weird obsession with my crystal. My husband and I got married a year ago and among the many wonderful gifts we received and registered for was our crystal. We chose Vera Wang's Duchesses collection because it's simple and elegant and perfect for almost every occasion; from book club, a fancy dinner with my husband's boss, Thanksgiving or even just a Tuesday night in. 

Our crystal doesn't just sit on a shelf, we use it often. I proudly display the flowers my husband gets me in our beautiful vases and I have a glass of wine, at least once a week, from my goblets. A couple of the pieces sit like proud peacocks on our counter top ,so you can't help but notice them when you walk into our apartment. I can't wait until we have a house where I can put all the pieces on display in a hutch.

I love how it sparkles and how light it feels in my hand and the sound it makes when toasting. I love pretty much everything about it but the thing I love the most, is that my husband and I picked it out together with the anticipation that some day we would hand it down to our children or grandchildren to adore as much as we do. I hope they find as much joy in it as I do. 

Do you cherish something special that you plan on handing down to your children? 


  1. You are so good using your crystal! I need to be better about using ours - it's in the hutch and only comes out for "special" occasions. Isn't every day of marriage a special occasion?

    As far as handing something down to children - we got these awesome silver cups my Aunt found that were made by a Boston silversmith in the 1800s - with an old English looking "S" engraved on them. Definitely something to pass down to the next generation!

    1. I completely agree, everyday of marriage is a special occasion! I can't wait to see the silver cups what an amazing gift and an awesome heirloom!