April 4, 2013

House Project: The Nursery

We moved into our home a month and a half prior to <A>'s arrival so there are plenty of projects on our "to do" list. Luckily however; we were proactive preparing for our little man and the only room in the house that's 100% complete is his nursery ,so I thought it would be nice to share it.

I started planning the nursery before we bought our house and before we knew we were expecting a little boy. I really wanted a neutral space that would work for either a girl or a boy and I wanted to add subtle hints of blue or pink depending on the gender. I found this inspiration on Pinterest and I immediately knew this was the perfect starting-point for my vision.

Shortly after we moved my husband and I got to work on the nursery (well, mainly my awesome husband because I was seven and a half months pregnant). We deviated from the original Pinterest-inspired design with multiple lines of varying sizes, because creating perfectly straight lines across each wall was much more difficult than we expected.

After the room was painted we added the furniture. The crib and dressers were gifts from my Mom and Grandma. It came from JCP and I absolutely love it and highly recommend it (buy it here). It's so sturdy and durable, plus the crib is convertible. Best of all, the set is called <A> (love it)! I think the classic dark wood really fit the look we were trying to create. We already had dark brown blackout curtains that we got on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond almost two years earlier (similar here). They're perfect for his room since it's the only bedroom that gets direct sunlight; plus it matched the neutral color scheme we were working towards.

After adding some subtle details, voilĂ ! The result; a simple and relaxing escape that makes for the perfect nursery.

Some of my favorite details include the lamb stuffed animal on the small corner shelf. My husband bought it for me during my stay in the hospital. I was there on bed-rest for five days prior to <A>'s arrival. Also on the shelf is the Children's Bible that I received for my First Holy Communion. Inside are some dried flowers and the prayer cards from both my Grandfather's funerals. I hope that one day <A> look through it and realize that not only does the Bible hold the details about Christ's love for him but also the love and memories of his extended family, that is watching over him from above.

The rocking chair and ottoman were Christmas gifts from my husband and <A> and I have already shared many bedtime stories and late night cuddles there. The blue and white quilt was made by the mom of a former neighbor. After <A> was born we took it to the NICU to help make the space more homey and welcoming and now it is the perfect accent to the room; giving it the perfect pop of blue.

The only thing missing, which is coming soon, is his rocking horse. We're going to put it in front of the window and I think he'll love it when he's a little bigger!

The tall dresser is surrounded by gifts from loved ones, including a personalized Louisville Slugger bat with <A>'s name, a mini golf cart and golf outfit and a basket full of children's books. My favorite part of the nursery is that our little man is surrounded by reminders of the people who really love and support him. Almost everything in the room has some sort of special meaning, from the bedding from his Great Aunt and second cousins, to the picture frame from his Grandparents.

The few things that weren't gifts I bought off of Etsy. That includes the custom "Austin" wooden art from Treehouse Wood Designs and the "Smallest Things" sign from Especiallyyrs. I think these small details really help complete my vision.

***Treehouse Wood Designs has graciously offered all my readers 15% off any purchase when they mention "Everyday Thoughts" during the purchasing process. Be sure to check them out. Their work is impeccable and they are such a pleasure; I couldn't be happier.

I'm so happy with the end result and I hope <A> is too, even though he can't really appreciate the ambiance that my husband and I worked so hard to create. I hope that this is a room that will grow with him; morphing from a nursery to little boy's bedroom.

My next project is the second bathroom that is used by <A> and our guests. Stay tuned for updates on that fun house project.

What home projects are you working on?

 Be Blessed,
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  1. So Cute!!!! What a lovely room!

  2. This is adorable! Nice work on the room.

    1. Thanks Wendy! This is probably the first (and last) time we'll ever do vertical-stripe detail without the help of professionals since it's so tedious, but we were really happy with the outcome.

  3. It's beautiful. Congratulations.