July 8, 2013

Bathroom Inspiration

I've been hard at work on my first real DIY home project. For the last several weeks months I've been updating our second bathroom. It's the baby's bathroom and he'll share it with guests when we have them. 

My mom helped remove the wallpaper (yep you read that correctly we had wallpaper in there, thanks former homeowners). I primed the remaining dark forest-green walls and I've covered them with their first coat of grey paint. I'm hoping to wrap up the painting this week and after that I'll just need to add all the finishing touches (the fun part). 

I mentioned last week, I like to use inspiration boards to help me visualize the finished project. Here's my mood board or inspiration board for the bathroom. Lucky for me I was actually able to find and purchase the same shower curtain and rug!  

Bathroom Inspiration

I'm excited to see everything come together. Do you have any tips for a first-time DIY'er?

Be blessed,
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