July 1, 2013

DIY Projects and Inspiration Boards

I've mentioned before that my husband and I recently bought our first home. We feel abundantly blessed to have found such a fantastic house and neighborhood for our growing family. 

We intentionally bought a house that was previously owned and which required little, to no work. I was very pregnant when we moved and at that time we didn't want a "project." However, from day one we've both had very clear visions of different home improvement and interior decorating projects we wanted to work on at some point in our tenure at the house. We started with the nursery and now we're almost finished with the second full bath. Next, we'll tackle the downstairs half bath, the dinning room, and/or the outdoor living space. 

I love when my hubby and I talk through the details of each project, research the colors, materials and decor and then working to make our vision come to life. We make sure that we discuss all aspects of the project from the larger decisions all the way to the simple touches that truly make the space warm and livable. 

When we kicked off our bathroom project I headed straight to Pinterest to gather inspiration and I compiled a mood board so I could see how all the elements would look together. I'm a visual person so I need to see the colors, textures and details side by side before I can jump into any DIY projects. Well, I was so excited when Shutterfly sent me this awesome summer, interior inspiration board. 

I love the cozy laid-back feel they've created with the light green and orange color pallet laced throughout the pictures. Are you working on any summer DIY projects around the house? What are you using for your inspiration?

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  1. Congrats on the new house. Iam working on DIY project. Its about sorting and more sorting. :)Well, I think that too is DIY, just not too much fun.Found your link at mingle Mondays, hello!!!

    1. The DIY projects have a tendency to stack up don't they? But some are definitely more fun than others!

  2. LOVE that you do a mood board! I'm also a visual person and have to see how it's going to look once a project really comes together. The green and orange looks fab!

    1. The mood board I did for our bathroom has been tremendously helpful. I put it on my phone so whenever I go shopping I can compare items to it to make sure it matches the look I'm trying to accomplish.