August 19, 2013

Cold Pizza, Fantasy Football and PJs

My husband's been asking me to participate in a Fantasy Football league for several years and I finally caved when I saw that Michael from Crazy Tragic Almost Magic was hosting a league. So my Sunday consisted of a killer hangover from a wedding the night before, cold pizza and leftover cheese dip (duh), lounging in my PJs all day, reruns of The Wire and my first ever Fantasy Football draft. All-in-all I'd say it was a pretty fantastic end to the week.

I've always been a college football fan (Ohio State) but I've just never been interested in the NFL. I suspect that's going to change now that I have a Fantasy Football team. I'm using my team as a way to bond with my husband so naturally I think I should get something out of the deal. 

This is on my wish list for Sundays. And yes, I'm a Browns fan.

For me, there's nothing like keeping it comfy and kicking it on the couch with some game food and beer. 

What will you be wearing for kickoff?

Be blessed,
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  1. Welcome to the league rookie lol. Can't wait to get the season started. I promise you'll have tons of fun.(35 Points For Griffindore)

  2. Im sad I didnt sign up in time! "/

    1. I'll let you know how it goes. If you want a friend of mine doe a college pick em that is $25 - you can join that if you'd like - just let me know if you want the details.