August 28, 2013

The Skinny on Ad Agencies

I work in advertising. It's a special industry comprised of some of the most hardworking, creative and off-the-wall personalities. It's an industry unlike any other in that there are some unique characteristics inherent in most ad agencies. And while there are plenty of great articles/blogs about ad agencies, like this one, after several years of experience I have some insights of my own.

Here are some crazy facts you probably didn't know about advertising and ad agencies:
- If you wear anything nicer than jeans you either have a client meeting or an interview for a new job.

- There's an abundance of free caffeine

- Beer is in the office and it is consumed throughout the day at desks, during meetings or during a casual hall conversation. 

- Everyone's more creative when free lunch is involved.

- Working until 8, 9, 10PM is the norm but most people don't arrive to the office until 9, 10, 11 in the morning. 

- Summertime is typically when things slow down.

- Most office outings have some variation of beer pong, corn hole, flip cup or all three.

- Walking through the work spaces you'll likely hear some combination of Cisco's "The Thong Song," A Lady Antebellum tune and/or Smashing Pumpkins.

- There are TVs in the office and they are constantly running.

- Advertising offices are cool - think graffiti, scooters, dry erase walls and a bunch of very eclectic people. 

- Don't wear a suite to an interview - you aren't dressing for the position, honestly in most cases, jeans are more appropriate

- Most people cannot handle this industry. We play hard but we work harder. It's stressful and deadlines are demanding. You work a lot for little pay (especially in the beginning) and in my personal observation most people don't stay in the industry more than five years. 

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