November 1, 2013

The Day After

Blogland is flooded with post-Halloween craziness and while I typically stay away from "recap posts" I couldn't let you escape this cuteness.

Some thoughts after our first Halloween:
  • Someone should call the local dentists because we handed out over 500 pieces of candy and I foresee a lot of new cavities for the little ghosts and goblins!
  • Halloween pet peeve: I have no problem with little ones from other neighborhoods joining us for Trick-or-Treat. We have lots of houses in our neighborhood and everyone should have a chance to share the joyful festivities. I do have a problem with men and women older than I, not in costume, coming to my door with their children and asking for candy. If you want candy, you should go purchase some. In my opinion, Trick-or-Treat should have an age limit. 
  • I'm pretty sure we got the "cool house" award. My husband gave out king-size candy bars to the cutest and most polite Trick-or-Treaters. Also, probably why we gave away so much candy. 
  • We got hit by the candy burglar

Happy November, now onto Thanksgiving!

Be blessed,
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  1. How precious is your little guy?! Absolutely adorable! And I, too, believe there should be an age-limit for Halloween!

    1. Thanks Brianna! I think I'm partial but he is pretty adorable!

  2. I'm with you and the age limit---or really the lack of costumes. If you are a teenager, desperate for candy, then work for it! Put on a costume and make my kiddos smile--then I'll give you some candy. BUT, last night, we had teenagers NOT dressed up looking for candy. Lights out, I tell ya!! :) Happy November!

    1. I think if the lights are out then that's clearly an indication that there's no more candy (or that the little ones are tucked in bed). :) I hope you and all your little guys had a great Halloween!