December 27, 2013

A Year in Review

In the last year I've really re-embraced blogging. I used to write for close family and friends but as my audience grows and changes so to does my blog content. And as with all things, I think it's important to reflect on the work I've done in the past. I want to take time to learn from my mistakes, embrace the things that really work and most of all, gather feedback on how to make it better. 

With that said here's a list of my favorite posts from the last year:

     Forgiveness vs. Consequence 
     When Competitiveness is Unbecoming
     The Day I Lost my Identity
     Travel Idiot to Travel Expert - Tips for Flying with an Infant
     The Skinny on Ad Agencies
     Packing an Infant

Here's a list of my Most Pinable posts:

     Crockpot Turkey
     A Wedding Speech
     Jumbo Chicken and Onion Enchiladas
     Nursery Organization
     Yellow and Grey

Finally, I'd love to know your thoughts. What do you want more of? What can I cut out? What needs to change to keep your attention? What are your general thoughts on Everyday Thoughts?

Be Blessed,
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