January 2, 2014

Being Better Everyday

One night a year when the ball drops at midnight we feel inclined to declare our best intentions for the next 365 days. We publicly announce a list of goals and for one, two maybe three weeks we work toward them, and then life happens. 

Here are my thoughts on resolutions, of course I want to be a better person. I also want to be thinner, tanner and taller.

I'd like to read the bible more often. Plan more meals for my family and save more money. I'd like to Interrupt others less and listen more. I'd like to read more books and spend more quality time with loved ones. 

I want to call my grandmothers more often and listen to their wisdom. I want to plant a garden and actually tend to it. I'd love to wake up each morning and not put my hair in a bun. 

I want to teach my child something new. I want to make sure my parents really know how much I appreciate them and I want my sister to know how proud I am of her and how often I think of them all. I want to date my husband again. 

I want to move forward with my career and learn to better weather the highs and lows of being a working mom. I want to start taking on a more active role for my clients and my company. 

This is a big one, I want to curse less, it's a serious issue for me. I want to be more positive, one of those glass-half-full type of people.  I want to organize my thoughts and my life and my blog better. I'd like to make new friends and see some of my old ones. I want to have a party at my house and I want to travel somewhere new, maybe even out of the country. 

Sure, I'd like to run more, maybe even try rock climbing. I'd love to take a ride in a hot air balloon and hone my spanish language skills. 

I've always been one of those people with really good intentions to do thoughtful things for people but I want to actually DO THEM. 

I'd love to do all these things but that isn't because they're resolutions, it's because I believe you can teach this aging dog new tricks. It's because I think it's important to reevaluate where I am in life more often than once a year when I'm drinking Champaign. I want to be a better person everyday. Is it working for me, no not always, but I really do try and so here's my resolution for 2014:

What is your resolution?

Be Blessed,
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  1. Great post! I too need to call my grandma and grandpa more often.

  2. I'm so with you on this one!! I always have good intentions....but the follow through isn't always there. Great post!