April 10, 2014

Take Her Word for It

When you're buying a new car you might ask your friends for advice. When you need a great outfit for a night out, an honest girl friend is one of the best accessories. It's no different when you're a mom. Sometimes it's best to ask one of your mom friends for some pointers. Which is why I'm so excited to have Hayley on the blog today to discuss some helpful items to have around when you're raising a toddler. So with further ado, please welcome Hayley to Everyday Thoughts. 

Hi, everyone! My name is Hayley and I normally hang out over at A Beautiful Exchange, my little spot for sharing all my passions and interests! I'm a married mom of a one, to a little boy that's just a few months older than Brittany's son, so for today, I'm sharing a few of my favorite products that are helping me survive toddlerhood! These aren't needs but are some fun little things that have been a great help and convenience to me! 

A small backpack.
I don't have the specific link for the site where I bought my son's backpack, but you can find similar products all over Etsy and little boutiques! I have also heard great things about the Skip Hop Zoo Packs that are sold online and at Target! No matter which backpacks you like the most, I suggest getting something that is large enough to comfortably hold diapers, wipes, a cup, snacks, and possibly a toy or two, yet still small enough that your toddler will eventually be able to carry it on their own. My son is two and can comfortably wear his backpack on his back, although he prefers for me to carry it--go figure! This has been a life saver and keeping my purse mine, rid of smashed up gold fish and spoiled juice. Be sure to choose a bag with a liner so that if spills do happen, it doesn't ruin the outside of the bag!

TOMS (or another pair of extremely versatile shoes)
I bought Eli his first pair of TOMS off of Zulily when he was 18 months old and just began walking and they were amazing! It was so nice to have a simple pair of shoes that he could comfortably walk in. Now that he is much older, I have bought him another pair. They are the best shoes because they can literally be worn with anything. They look just fine with a pair of play shorts and a t-shirt, but also look great with a pair of jeans and a button down. The only other pair of shoes that have been so versatile were a pair of hand-me-down Chuck Taylors. I also love that my son will eventually be able to slide these shoes on all by himself! Yippee!

Baby Bjorn feeding bib
I mentioned this here when talking about the 10 best and worst baby products, and I can honestly say that I am shocked that we still use this! I originally bought it to help us when we were bottle weaning and teaching our little guy how to eat solids. You mommas know that it can get so messy and using cloth bibs was just not working out for us. I did a little research and found this one. To this day, my two year old uses this, especially when he is eating things that are a little more difficult to get on his utensils (spaghetti, oatmeal, etc.) and we will use this at home until he gets used to feeding himself completely. The adjustable strap is really the key to this bib working so well and is definitely a must have, whether you are making the switch to solids, or teaching your little to self-feed.

DOHM sound machine
When I left for college, my mom bought me one of these sound machines just in case I had loud neighbors. I most certainly did have a few loud peeps in the dorms, so this sound machine was a life saver! When we had our son, I moved the machine into his room to help soothe him to sleep and drown out some of the louder noises that may have been going on outside of his room. I don't know that this machine has really been a necessity, but I have really enjoyed having it--especially when we travel! It's so lightweight and small and does wonders for helping our little guy get to sleep even when he's away from home!


I know these are not really "needs," but they have been things that have been so nice to have and have really made my job a lot easier! What are some of your favorite products for toddlers?

Be Blessed,
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