May 7, 2014

An Oasis

We all need an escape - a physical place where we find comfort and relaxation. For me I want that to be my master bedroom. I want to feel a complete sense of relaxation the second I step into my room. There's enough stress and chaos in my everyday life, my master bedroom should be my escape from all that. I want it to look and smell clean and fresh. I want to feel like I can shut the door and escape with any combination of a good book, a bath, a glass of wine and/or some reality TV.

For the most part my master bedroom is that oasis but I need to put some finishing touches on the walls and add a couple decorations, some candles and commit to making my bed and clearing out my closet.

In the meantime I'm gathering some much needed inspiration so I can finally put the finishing touches on my own master bedroom.

Masculine Bedroom Details - I like how this room incorporates some masculine details into the space. Even though it's my oasis it also needs to be a space where my husband feels comfortable.

Traditional Relaxation - A neutral space with every detail carefully planned. This is pure perfection and it oozes comfort and simplicity. 

Glam Getaway - a touch of the extravagant never hurt anyone. The chandelier isn't exactly my style (and I don't think I could ever convince my husband to part with his beloved ceiling fan) but I like the decor over the headboard and the pops of animal print and pattern throughout. 

What are some of the must-have details you need to create a relaxing space?

Be Blessed,


  1. We're hoping to re-do our master bedroom within the next couple months. My husband is very insistent that it not be "too girly." We'll see what happens!

    1. Good luck on your renovation, that's so exciting!

  2. Love this! Our master bedroom has been totally left on the back burner but we've now got our place up for sale and I've already decided that when we move I'm going to spend some time making it a relaxing space. I love the photos you shared, those are some great ideas!

    1. Thanks Chantel. I know it's simple but for me merely making the bed can really change the whole dynamic of the room as well. When I walk in and the bed is made I feel so much more organized. I know you're going to love making your space a special retreat when you move!