June 23, 2014

All Tied Up

If you has told me prior to the game that the US Men's National Soccer Team would tie Portugal, the fourth-best team in the world, I would be ecstatic! If the game had ended in a 1-1 draw, I'd have woken up this morning feeling on top of the world. But the truth is, while I still have hope and I still believe, a little air has been released from my balloon.

The tie yesterday was the worst kind of tie. The kind of tie that really feels like a lose. Portugese fans are probably even more upset than Americans but regardless every team in the "Group of Death" still has to play to stay alive in the next round.

For those of you who missed the game here's a little recap:
  • One of Portugal's best players Pepe was benched from the game after receiving a red card in their previous game verses Germany
  • Jozy Altidore, an American powerhouse and a leader on offense, did not play after sustaining a hamstring injury in the previous game against Ghana
  • Portugal scored first (Nani) and the score was 1-0 Portugal at halftime
  • The US scored an equalizer off a corner in the 64th minute (Jones)
  • The US scored its second goal to take the lead in the 81st minute (Dempsey)
  • Five minutes of stoppage time was added to the clock (essentially this means that the game went on for 95 minutes instead of 90)
  • In the final seconds of stoppage time, one of the most recognizable players in the world, Ronaldo, got the ball on the right side of the field and attacked up the sideline, served it across the box to Varela who headed into the back of the net ending the game in a tie.
It was a crushing blow to the American team who was seconds away from a victory over a soccer powerhouse, but more importantly it would have solidified the US's position in bracket play. So now onto Thursday when we take on Germany, the second best team in the world. The US needs to win or draw to advance. Rally around these guys and lets help support them as they defy all the odds and advance from the Group of Death. 

Best of luck boys! We believe and we can't wait to celebrate when you advance!

Be Blessed,
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