June 20, 2014

Fit - tastic

Hi lovelies!

I want to talk to you about some products that are revolutionizing my workouts, giving me the motivation to sweat and helping me cut calories and pounds so I can be bikini ready.

I think most of you fitness gurus would agree that there's nothing like the high you get from your post-workout adrenaline. When it floods your veins after each run or weight session. I love it but it's getting harder than ever for me to carve out time to fit in my workouts, which means I'm missing those endorphins. As a full time working mom, I just lack some motivation. But excuses aside, I got just what the doctor ordered when my Influenster (@Influenster) #GoVoxBox arrived.

The Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake
I've had shakes before and I typically detest them. The gritty taste of protein that leaves a weird residue in your mouth - no bueno. But the Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake for Weight Management is completely different. I started with the Fresh Berries variety, moved onto Swiss Chocolate and then the Vanilla - they were all fantastic. They filled me up and I can't say enough about how delicious they are - Swiss Chocolate is my favorite. I would recommend serving them over lots of ice but you can't go wrong replacing one (or two) meals a day with these tasty treats.

Playtex® Sport® Fresh Balance™
I'm guilty of it. If Aunt Flo is in town I'll make any excuse not to workout because you just don't know what might happen. That's not the case with Playtex Sport Fresh Balance (@PlaytexSportandGentleGlide). I can workout without the fear of embarrassment - finally.

Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds
This was the surprise item in the box! I loved the Blueberry flavor on the Blue Diamond Almonds. Plus, there are perfect guiltless snack, leaving me full without unnecessary calories. But let me tell you people - blueberries and almonds works - just trust me on this one.   

Aqua Spa
It's not often when I get to throw my feet up and relax so when I do I like to create an at home spa essentially. The Aqua Spa Bath Salts add a touch of elegance to my bath while also releasing a fantastic scent and most importantly - it allows me to really indulge during my downtime.

ProFoot Pedi-Rock and ProFoot Triad Orthotic
As a former college athlete who was disqualified from playing due to continuous knee injuries (that required surgeries), I'm always looking for ways to make my runs more comfortable. The ProFoot Triad Orthotics do just that! They snuggly support the heal of my foot to make my run that much more enjoyable. They do have a tendency to slip a little but the insoles come with a a sticky tab to keep them in place, I'd recommend using them. And after my run the Pedi-Rock is the perfect cure to make sure my feet stay looking great for my summer sandals. #GoPROFOOT

Müller® Yogurt
I love yogurt but I am purist - I only normally eat strawberry, blueberry or peach flavors, no matter the variety. When I tried Müller Yogurt however, I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried the dark chocolate with cherries - OMG people, it is so good! I love that it's so yummy and it helps you have a nutritious and delicious breakfast, snack, or dessert! And let me tell you it really does taste like dessert - which is always a win. #MullerQuaker

Be Blessed,
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