June 12, 2014

Men of the World (Cup)

Okay party people, I'm excited! Like really, can hardly contain myself, excited. This week marks the beginning of the World Cup which for me inevitably brings on a flood of emotions. Besides the adrenaline rush that comes with each game, I'm also overcome by memories of years past when I graced the field. I've explained the identity crisis I experienced when I suddenly stopped playing in college due to a career-ending injury and since then I just haven't been able to commit myself to watching others run between the lines that I no longer can, except during the World Cup.

So enough of the sappy stuff. To kick off the festivities I thought I capture your attention by introducing you to the Men of the World (of Soccer).

From Team USA meet our very own Graham Zusi (midfield)

From France here's Olivier Giroud (forward)

The whole damn Spanish Team

Mario Gomez from my dreams Germany (forward)

The one soccer player most women already know Cristiano Ronaldo (forward) and he can also be seen here and here.

I'll be posting some soccer basics throughout the World Cup but for now I think this will do.

Enjoy and Be Blessed,
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1 comment:

  1. oh my gosh. in love. I love this. I want to look at this all day.

    xo. Kailagh