August 13, 2014

Mommy-blog Haters

I'm one of those dreaded Mommy Bloggers. 

I get to be lumped in along with hundreds of others who use their blog to share their experience as a parent. I've heard you complain. I know you think I'm absolutely crazy to think that my son is some unique snowflake. I get that you don't want to hear about my kid's bowel movements, or their sleeping habits and you certainly don't want to see intimate pictures of me nursing my little one in public (which I didn't and don't do). 

I cherish my blog because it gives me the opportunity to be truthful about the reality of my everyday life. And right now that everyday life involves being a mom to a beautiful, 18-month old little boy. For those of you who are irritated by my use of categorically aging my child by month, that simply means he's a year and half old. 

Here's the thing. My son is a unique snowflake - there's no one else out there like him. He's mine and I think he's wonderful. You don't know to agree with me and I'm certainly not here to rub his awesomeness in your face but I'm going to discuss of the perils and triumphs of parenting. This shit is hard. When I provide advice it's not because I think my way is better, it's because most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing. I have to figure it out, which I do mainly by Googling something half a dozen times only to pair my results with a mixture of trial and error. And then to save a couple other mom's 10 precious minutes I share what worked for me. That's it, I'm trying to be helpful. 

And just like a tutorial on how to tie a scarf, if you're not interested - please just move along. I'm not offended that you aren't reading - so why are you so offended by what I write? 

Tell me why mommy blogging is such a crime?

Tell me why you detest me so?
Tell me why I'm supposed to be perfectly fine with your dating stories, fashion advice and endless hours of BS but I can't speak my mind about how difficult it is to RAISE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING? 

I've never been hateful to you, or lumped you into a group because you like fashion or beauty or crazy cat videos on YouTube. You have your space and I have mine - each as unique as a snowflake.  

I had plans on sharing how absolutely exhausted I am after chasing around a toddler all weekend and this post was the unexpected result. Apparently I have some pent up anti-mommy-blog issues I need to work out. But in all seriousness, why is there so much hate? Why can't mom's have a space to express their opinions about potty training and breastfeeding. I've never dived into those issues here but I can't say they won't come up in the future and why is it such a blog-crime? 

I'm a mom and I'm proud of my job as a parent. I'll talk about parenting occasionally since it's part of my everyday life, just like I'll talk about recipes, fashion and friendships. I'd appreciate that you give me the respect of not categorizing me in with a small minority of very active and outspoken women who have apparently in-sensed you so much that you feel the need to publicly bash anyone with a blog that mentions children. 

I, like you, don't want to read 40 blogs about lactation but when and if the day comes when it's an issue for you or me, I'm glad to know that there are women brave enough to speak about their experiences regardless of the unending ridicule they receive as "Mommy-bloggers."       

Rant over.

 Be Blessed,
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  1. Did you read my blog notebook or get inside my head? I have seriously wanted to write something like this for a while now! This is like my all time favorite post on the FO REAL! :P I have seen quite a few bloggers talk about how mom bloggers & twitter moms are like the worst to follow! I am sorry that I do not have a dog that I call my child that is photo bombing every blog picture & that I am not posting party night pictures the day after. Dont like my boring mom/wife life.... move the hell on!

  2. I'm sorry you're dealing with people being jerks. I also think it's ridiculous people complain that you blog about your son. He's a huge part of your life, so of course you blog about him, but that doesn't automatically make you only a mommy blogger. I blog about so many different things. I hate how we all get grouped into categories.

  3. I'm not a mom but I actually really enjoy a lot of mommy blogs. I skip the posts that are too mom-centric but love the funny things kids say and do!

  4. I completely agree! There seems to be such a divide between mommy-bloggers and non-mommy bloggers. It's sad that we all can't just be supportive of one another no matter what stage of life we're in or if we have kids or not.

  5. Ha - I did read your mind! I've always been a firm believer of moving on if I'm not interested. I expect many of my readers to do the same, even if they are Mommy's. There will be things I write about that others are interested in and that's 100% okay with me. But I think of this as my own little corner of the internet where I can talk about things that are important to me and if that happens to be my child - I just hope others can be supportive of that.

  6. I agree, I think it's just being categorized that irritates me sometimes. I blog about fashion and recipes and many many other things outside of my son and being a mom. But if I'm going to be authentic, I cannot hide the fact that I have a little guy that means the world to me.

  7. Kate - that's so good to know. I try very hard not to over share but there are some things that are absolutely precious and worth letting the world know about. Thanks for your comment!