September 24, 2014

Overcoming Picky Eaters

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This week we're discussing 
Kids and Eating - How to Get Around a Picky Eater.


Kids will be kids and with that comes a multitude of challenges. One of our primary responsibilities as parents is to provide for our children's very basic needs; love, shelter and food. So if you're dealing with a picky eater, it might make your job a little more challenging.

Whether it's veggies they deny or milk that they won't drink, picky eaters have a certain set of needs that have to be met in order for our littles to sustain their nutritional requirements. I was blessed with a son that will eat almost anything, except when he won't. He goes through phases when vegetables just aren't very high on his wish list. Coupled with the overuse of his first word, "cookie" we're dealing with a little man with an aptitude for sweets and carbs.

Due to his on-again, off-again interest in vegetables we've had to get creative to ensure he maintains a balanced diet. One of our go-to solutions is a smoothie. We make homemade smoothies loaded with fruits and veggies and we also buy the premixed variety. Both offer tasty alternatives and my son loves them. Even my husband and I have become smoothie fans. 

Another trick we've tried is to replace foods we know he likes with foods that look almost identical but are composed of completely different ingredients. This typically doesn't work for an extend amount of time but he'll normally take a couple bites.

The last tactic that we've tried is mixing foods he won't usually eat with foods he loves. Take mash potatoes and add peas and believe it or not he eats the peas!

I hope some of these tricks work for you and your picky eaters. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to share your advice in the comments or join us for the Mamas Tell All Linkup. 

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  1. YES! Love smoothies in our house too! :) We also are sneaky with mixing foods. great advice!

  2. I've never thought of making foods look similar to other foods! That's clever. Great post!

  3. For awhile, we had to tell my three year old daughter that rice was "risotto", and that zucchini was "cucumber". She loves cucumber like no other, but she's never had risotto in her life. Somehow that worked though! She even ate some quinoa last night without questioning it.

  4. I forgot about smoothies! Great choice :D Thanks for the link up! Keep it up, momma!

  5. Thanks so much Andrea! Smoothies are absolutely a crowd-pleaser at our house! I sincerely appreciate the comment love!

  6. It's so funny how kids just assume they don't like certain foods but when you call it something else they like it! Great trick for getting your little to get things outside their comfort-zone. Thanks for sharing Alison!

  7. Thanks Mama! Like I said he normally picks up on my trick pretty quickly but it works for a couple bites!

  8. Thanks so much Mama! I think smoothies are a parent's secret weapon. You can really hide almost anything in them!

  9. I have tried smoothies with Kenz in the past, she didnt like them. But now as she is getting older I bet she will like them!

  10. I love smoothies and to be honest, I feel like I need to try this on myself TOO because I admittedly am just as picky as my toddler when it comes to greens ;) Thanks so much for doing the link-up! This will be fun!

  11. Smoothies are a great idea! We are using those Plum organic pouches, they are great for on the go! Love the idea of mixing veggies with a carb like mashed potatoes. Your son is a cutie!

  12. smoothies are such a great idea! I haven't tried these but it's on my to do list now!

  13. Kelsea you are too sweet! And I appreciate your comment and for reading. My husband is pretty picky and it's been incredible the additional veggies we've all added to our diets since we started including them in smoothies. Best of luck!

  14. Thanks so much Whitney! I've never heard of Plum organic pouches but I will absolutely check them out! Thanks for the great advice!

  15. I think you'll find that they are easy, delicious and oh so deceiving when it comes to adding healthy stuff to your little's diet!

  16. That's for sure, Brittany! Comments are just the best :)