November 4, 2014

10 Life Hacks

I so thrilled to teaming up with Ash from The Grits Blog today to give you our ten east life hacks. I mean, life is hard and we can all use some tips to make it a little bit easier right?

Here are some of my tips:

(1) Protect your hair. 

When time is of the essence the last thing I want to do is spend my time blowdrying and straightening my hair, so I just don't wash it every day. It's much better for the health of my hair and it saves tons of time during the week. Purchase a shower cap, a $3 investment so don't have to worry about frizziness from the moisture and you're style stays fresh a day longer. 

(2) Make the most of your commute. 

Multitasking during long commutes can be key to saving time and energy. Whether it's a trip to and from the grocery store or a trek to the office five times a week, by finding efficient use of your time you can selectively knock out important tasks without sacrificing extra hours of your day. For example, audio books are a great way to catch up on your book club selection. Please note, I'm not suggesting texting while driving or putting yourself in a dangerous position because of multitasking. 

(3) Find time to relax. 

You are so much more productive when your body and mind are rested. Take time for yourself and let your body and mind unwind occasionally. Five minutes of yoga, a 30-minute power nap or a seat at the nail salon - however you choose to decompress make sure you aren't pushing yourself to the limits without restoring energy, 

(4) Cook on Sunday. 

Use your time off wisely and don't just plan your meals ahead of time - prepare extra meals for the week and store them in your fridge or freezer. This will help cut down on prep time during the week, it ensures you're eating healthy, home-cooked meals and planning ahead helps cut out unnecessary food expenses. I also love throwing in a Crockpot recipe at least once a week. I walk in from a long day at work and the glorious scent from a homemade dinner has enveloped the house! It's magical. This is one of my favorite crockpot recipes

(5) Buy out of season. 

Time is money and money is also money, so when it comes to life hacks I'm trying to make the most of both, which is why I buy out of season. I buy decorations, clothes and  accessories out of season because they're almost always 40-50% off the original retail price. The riding boots I love this year for $350 are only $150 in March when everyone is itching to wear open-toe shoes. The Christmas ornaments  that are $25/each at Pottery Barn are given away like Halloween candy the second Santa returns to the North Pole. Buying wrapping paper and scarfs out of season also is twice as exciting because you get the thrill of the initial buy and then you experience it all over again when the season rolls around. 

Pretty straight forward and simple right?! Sometimes it's the easiest things that make the biggest difference. 

Here are Ash's tips:

6. Pack your meals the night before.

This one has been a major game changer for me. Every morning, no matter how early I get up I am always running around like a chicken with my head cut off and the one thing that keeps me from being late is having my lunch and snacks packed and ready to go. Those five minutes count!

7. Layout your outfits for the week on Sunday.

This one is HARD. Most of the time I am good to go through Wednesday but Thursday ALLLWAYYS gets me. Friday is easy because it's jean day or from now until March, legging day.

ooooorr you can just go shopping on your lunch and buy a new outfit for work for the next day....

Yeahhhhh I am so guilty of this like at least once a month....this wasn't a work outfit by the way, I bought this for the beach earlier this summer. Looking at this picture is making me miss my long hair, oh well it will be back by this summer I hope.

8. Always pack your gym clothes the night before.

If I don't do this then I won't work out the next day, period. End of story. So I pack the night before and hang it on the door knob.

9. Fill up the gas tank on the way home or on your lunch - not on the way to work.

Other than packing my lunch and snacks the morning of, this is the other big thing that always makes me late.

Ugh, I hate purchasing gas. Literally, dollar signs just go out of the tail pipe. Am I right am I right?

10. Set your alarm 30 minutes in advance so you can snooze.

I know that a lot of people say that hitting that snooze button is "bad" but I can't really wake up properly without it. So, I set my alarm early and then hit snooze every five minutes.

What are some of your life hacks that make your life easier??

Be Blessed,
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  1. Great list <3 I especially love the cook on Sundays - I totally do this. As well as the snooze for 30m :)

  2. I let my hair air dry if I'm not going anywhere (or just running errands) and use heat protectant when I'm using hot tools! Being careful about it has seriously cut down on how quickly I get split ends!