April 29, 2015

I Never Realized How Much I Love You Until...

It's no mystery that kids change everything about your life and your relationships. And I mean EVERYTHING! One thing I never anticipated was that it would make me love my husband even more. I honestly didn't think that was possible but the miracle that is our little boy, made my average-sized heart double, if not triple, in size. My heart made room for his tiny little body with curly blonde hair and blue eyes and simultaneously it grew with love for the man that sweep me off my feet several years prior. 

Before, during and after the birth of our son I was the first-hand witness to my husband's resolve and determination, his unfailing love and uncompromising strength. It was the single most stressful time of our collective lives and he was my rock. He was our family's rock. Since that time he has continued to demonstrate all the characteristics that made me fall in love with him but now I get to see him interact with our son and it makes my heart swell. Our little guy adores his Daddy and he thinks my husband hangs the moon for him each night. 

When I got married I assumed my husband would be a good dad but I didn't have much proof. It's not like we were surrounded by kids but it wasn't until we started introducing our own children into the mix that I realized that he wasn't just a good dad - he's a great dad. He's a better role model for our son than I could have ever wished. He comes in from a long day of work and never hesitates to scoop up our little guy and take him outside to mow or sit with him to build a lego train. He always puts our family first. I know that I could never have made it through the challenges of motherhood without him by my side, holding my hand through each unpredictable step, 

I love him with all my heart - to the moon and back. 

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  1. This is amazing. My husband was the same after both kids were born. It's incredible how babies change people. Some for the worst but in this case for the best!

  2. Awwww so happy for your family and for another little one to join your family! It's amazing the transformation when we become moms, but with dads?! It's SO fun to watch!

  3. Thank you so much Whitney you are always so supportive. I agree wholeheartedly that watching my husband become a dad is one of the most heartwarming experiences I've ever had.

  4. Wow, this is so true. We marry men hoping they will be good fathers, but then when we see it first hand we experience love in a whole new way, I never expected that!!!

  5. It's one of the most amazing and transformative experiences you can ever witness! Simply amazing in my opinion!