July 31, 2015

Look at Them Legs

I just tried the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Light and I loved the results! It only took minutes to apply and the results were instant. 

The Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs - Leg Makeup was so easy to add to my very pale legs that I was able to do it while watching my little guy play outside! 

It has the consistency of a foundation but it's meant to be used specifically for legs and feet. Like most self tanners you need to apply it sparingly to your knees and ankles and you have to allow it to set before putting on your clothes. It also leaves a colored residue on your hands but it's really easy to wash off with a little soap and water. 

Before (left) and after (right). I'm obviously very fair but I thought the leg makeup did a great job smoothing out my skin tone and giving me a natural looking color.

P.S. Please don't mind my swollen ankles and legs I'm 38+ weeks pregnant so my whole body is swollen. 

Do you use self tanner or leg makeup? If so what's your favorite?

I received this product free from Influenster for testing purposes - all opinions are 100% my own. ‪#‎AirbrushPerfectLegs‬

Be Blessed,
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