April 6, 2016

A Service to Mothers

When I was younger I played soccer competitively. Each year on Mother's Day my team played for the state championship and our mothers would devote their day to our service; standing on the sidelines cheering us on as our little legs ran up and down the field. They celebrated our victory as if it was their own. They didn't get breakfast in bed or extra time to read their favorite book, they sacrificed themselves for their children, as mothers always seem to do.

As a small token of our appreciation, I would coordinate a small team "thank you" for our mothers prior to the game. Each girl would run a single-stemmed flower to their mother with a small note of thanks. It wasn't much but I think the gesture itself meant a lot to them.

A Service to Mothers - A faith-filled service project for Mother's Day

I was thinking about Mother's Day recently and thought about how sad it would be if my children forgot about me during that day. If they failed to say, "I love you." I don't need much but it's nice to hear that we're appreciated as moms every now and then. This train of thought got me thinking about getting older. About how it's more important than ever that I remember my grandmothers, my mom, my aunts and the women I'm close to that are courageous, spiritual examples of amazing mothers. It's important that I send them notes of thanks and encouragement that I let them know they're important to me. I cannot sit on the sidelines and expect them to "just know" that they have been tremendous blessings in my life.

Next thing I know my mind is wondering, thinking about all the women who won't hear from their children. The children who get so wrapped in their own lives they won't stop by, if they are able, to say hi to their mom or even send her a card. Well, I came up with a simple solution - I could make them cards. Well not me necessarily but I could make cards with my children and we can deliver them to a nearby nursing home the week of Mother's Day. Who doesn't love a card? And who doesn't love a card made by a child?

So here's my plan, and of course - I need your help.  I plan on making at least 100 Mother's Day cards with my boys which we will then deliver to women in a nearby nursing home. They don't need to be fancy cards, just a small note of thanks expressing your gratitude and prayers for these mothers. We used some construction paper, crayons, and stickers to make our first batch. My son drew "roads" and "flowers" and "scribble lines" but he paid careful attention to each of the cards adding his personal touch. I'm asking you to rally your littles and make some cards for these deserving mothers. Gather some art supplies and be creative.

A Service to Mothers - A faith-filled service project for Mother's Day

Here are some of the requirements for the cards:
  • Please reach out to me and let me know that you plan on participating - email me here
  • The card must say "Happy Mother's Day" in some form or fashion
  • The card should include a bible verse on the back - please choose a loving, encouraging verse
  • On the back, at the bottom each card should say, "This card was made special for you by [Add your child's name], age [add your child's age]. 
  • Collect your cards in a manila envelope and postmark them to me by April 25, 2015
  • Have fun and teach your children about service to others
I hope you'll consider joining me in thanking these women for their years of sacrifice and motherhood. I've even created a Pinterest board if you need some inspiration - if you'd like to collaborate on the board just follow me on Pinterest and let me know you'd like to be a collaborator. It takes very little to offer a blessing to someone and to brighten their day. A card from a child is such a beautiful way to say, "Happy Mother's Day."

Be Blessed,
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