June 24, 2016

Butterfly Kisses

The thunderstorms had passed and it was still late afternoon so I decide to take my youngest for a walk around the neighborhood. I loaded him up in his stroller and we took off down the sidewalk for 20 minutes of "outside time." Normally when I venture out around the neighborhood I have my head down and headphones on as I run and push one of my boys. I rarely take in the scenery and notice the beautiful lawns and gardens that many of my neighbors keep - their attention to detail and creativity stamped on their gorgeous outdoor space. I took a moment to notice it all on this particular day and silently I said a prayer, remembering some of my loved ones that have passed.

At that very moment, a beautiful monarch butterfly swooped out of nowhere and I was instantly reminded that someone once told me that when you see a butterfly it is a sign from a loved one who's passed that they are near you and watching over you. As this thought rumbled in my head the butterfly got closer and closer until it very nearly touched my face. Its wings could have very well grazed my cheek. The moment was quick but it made me smile and my heart was instantly happy. What sweet comfort I got from the butterfly's kisses.

After the butterfly flew off I was left wondering if it was a sweet coincidence or if the saying was true and one of my loved ones was with me, being so bold as to kiss my cheek. I like to believe it is true and that those who aren't with us still watch us. And sometimes, even if with subtle signs, they want us to feel their presence.

Do you believe that our loved ones send us signs of their presence, that they watch over us and love us even after death?

Be Blessed,
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  1. So sweet. I would contribute it more to God than a loved one... I love how HE gives us sweet kisses like this

  2. What a beautiful moment to experience! I once saw a butterfly when I was working on our front "landscaping". I immediately thought of my grandfather. I wondered if it was him saying he is safely home with Our Lord. The next day the same butterfly came back but was missing part of his wing (my grandfather has parts of both legs amputated). That butterfly returned a few more consecutive days. My grandfather is in heaven :)