December 14, 2016

A Man with A Message

Last week I received a profound message from a very unsuspecting source and surprisingly I almost didn't notice him. I probably wouldn't have even turned my head if he walked by me on the street and yet what he said to me was so deep-seated that days later I'm still mulling over the conversation.

A Man with A Message - How a complete stranger instantly changed my perspective

Before I get into all that, I should start at the beginning. I ventured downtown to take my little ones to the children's museum with a friend of mine and her little girl. Afterward, on the brink of complete toddler meltdowns, we headed to grab lunch. I'm pretty sure we were the only people in the small chain restaurant which wasn't surprising considering we were eating a late lunch. We ordered and got ourselves situated. My friend and I had a casual conversation as we simultaneously tried feeding our troop of little ones. 

Our conversation ebbed and flowed but eventually we approached the subject of marital pet peeves. You know what I'm talking about, those tiny things that your husband or wife does that just drive you crazy. I was going on about the dishes and how my husband washes his duty dishes and yet leaves them in the sink without putting them in the dishwasher. I realize this is such a minuscule issue, but in fairness, my friend also shared her small pet peeves as well. 

Sometime while we were eating, a man entered the restaurant and sat at the high top table caddy-corner to us. Our voices must have carried because I saw him chuckle to himself when I asked my friend why men have such a perversion to doing dishes. I caught his eye, and since he was laughing in spite of himself, I asked him in a friendly, joking manner if it ran in the entire male race or if it was just my husband. He just laughed. He couldn't offer an explanation, and so my friend and I turned back to our conversation continued. 

A couple minutes later he gently interrupted us. He apologetically proceeded to compliment my friend and I and our children. But it was what he said next that really struck me as simple yet profound.

He told us that one day we would miss all the things we were complaining about. He continued to say that it was from experience that he knows these times that we were talking about are some of the best and to cherish them.

It was simple, straightforward, and almost obvious but it stopped me in my tracks. He was right for so many reasons, but two struck me almost immediately. The first was how blessed I am - how I need to stop, even jokingly, complaining about such an abundant life and the second was how terrible my life would be if those dirty dishes weren't piled in the sink. That thought took me down the rabbit hole. Where would I be without my husband and the sacrifices and love he provides our family? All the sudden I was loving those dirty dishes. This complete stranger offered me an instant change in my perspective.

I needed to be brought back down from the cloud I was drifting in and apparently hear a message from a most unsuspecting source. The experience was pretty powerful. I feel like now I'm peaking around every corner anticipating a stranger to provide some astounding insight, but the reality is if we are open to it God is always whispering to us and throughout history, he's been known to send unexpected messengers - like a tiny baby in a manger.

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Have you ever been confronted with profound insight by an unsuspecting source? Please share your experience in the comments below maybe we can learn from each other's stories.

Be Blessed,
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