March 3, 2017

Self-Imposed Winter “Hibernation” vs. Hot Tubs

Disclosure: The article, Self-Imposed Winter “Hibernation” vs. Hot Tubs is a sponsored post. 
Animals respond to winter: they migrate, adapt, or hibernate. Bears and bats are the most well-known hibernators although snakes, skunks, bees, and groundhogs also shelter in the winter. After creating the perfect spot to bed down, the animal must increase its body fat and prepare for low levels of breathing. Spending a few months asleep may be a respectable way to get through the winter if you walk on all fours, but not so much for a human.
Days shorten, and activity wanes, inversely as the temperature falls. This lack of motivation intensifies lethargy and can result in seasonal affective disorder or winter depression. As the yearning for warm sunlight surges, the need to comfort eat enhances. Additional eating can only be counteracted with increased movement.
It has become commonplace for elders to avoid winter altogether and snowbird south. This option is typically only available for retirees with less commitments at their “northern” abode. By purchasing a hot tub from Rec Warehouse, the opportunity to tolerate winter months from home can become more bearable.
Since ancient times, humans have enjoyed the healing and communal benefits of hot tubs. It was not until the 1960’s when the first home hot tubs began to emerge in pop culture. From the first home hot tubs made out of old barrels, wine vats, granite or cement to wooden and fiberglass tubs in the 1970’s, many companies entered the arena to cash in on the gold rush. In present times, hot tubs are mass manufactured out of man-made plastic and offered in numerous shapes and sizes. One company, who has fine-tuned this process over 40 years, lowering costs, while maintaining exceptional quality is Rec Warehouse. They retail over 70 unique hot tub and spa models. From 6 distinct categories, customers can peruse different levels of relaxation, enhanced jet hydrotherapy options, vibrant lights, proprietary insulation, and filtration. The company offers convertible spas, swim spas, and is an exclusive dealer of Sundance Spas.
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Hydrotherapy and Detoxification: Cold temperatures can cause tightened muscles and exacerbate achy joints. Hydrotherapy is an effective way to advance circulation and ease chronic pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia, which tend to worsen in colder weather. Using a hot tub that alternates hot and cold therapy, is a simple way to heat up and release your muscles to discharge pain. The massaging jets are a powerful pain reliever and can be a godsend to anyone suffering from joint pain. Since Rec Warehouse has numerous tubs with moveable jets, the precise streams of water can be laser focused for troublesome areas such as the neck, lower back, and knees.
Halt Winter Ailments: Hot tubs and saunas will induce significant amounts of sweat, opening up clogged pores. Through this heating process, one’s body will release and eliminate detrimental toxins. Impurities will be flushed out and the body cleansed. Long soaks can support the elimination of headaches, colds, and flu; circulation and health are intricately connected. Turn up the temperature on any Rec Warehouse hot tub to warm your blood, expand your vessels, and decrease your blood pressure.
Mental Relaxation and Therapeutic Recreation: Beyond a multitude of physical benefits, resting in a hot tub in frost-filled air is tranquil for the mind. The soothing heat of the water and pulsating jets can help induce a meditative state. This stress relief is a perfect ending to a troublesome day. Hot tubs also foster a forum for friendly gatherings. Immersing in a hot tub with friends, good conversation and maybe a drink in hand can be healing to the soul. This quality time can strengthen relationships and even create new ones. Turn up the enjoyment by adding in any of Rec Warehouse’s upgrades. Choose from an iPod hook up, stereo and subwoofer, LED lights, backlit jets, and diverters, cup holders, pillows, steps, or waterfall handrails.
Since their start in 1974, the brothers of Rec Warehouse, Gary and Don Doebler, aspired to be a household name in fun, rest, and relaxation.  Selling over 200,000 hot tubs and spas, Rec Warehouse successfully developed a business model geared towards its customer. With tight margins, reasonable prices and free shipping, the company’s president, David Doebler, (Don’s son), has built a business across Georgia in Kennesaw, Norcross, and Jonesboro as well as online.
(Source: Rec Warehouse, Kennesaw, Georgia, left to right: Bob, Tim, Adam)

Although its roots are in the pool business, the Doebler family took their small startup in North Tonawanda, New York and quickly grew into the hot tub industry. Since the hot tub industry was emerging in California in the early 80’s, Rec Warehouse decided to eliminate costly freight and manufactured the hot tubs sold in their locations. Watching quality control and sustaining the ability to quickly add new innovations to its hot tub lines allowed the company to dominate the competition in the Southeast. High employee retentions, transparent pricing, and a family atmosphere has always translated to pleased, well-treated, and educated customers. As an active pillar in the community, Rec Warehouse remains involved in local community events, businesses, charities and a pillar to backyard recreation.

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