August 4, 2017

A Season of Change

A Season of Change - One parent's reflection on approaching her child's first academic year.

My life seems to constantly be in flux, always moving, changing, and evolving. Every morning feels the same until I reflect back on it at the end of the week and realize each one was completely different from the next. At bedtime, we read the same books over and over again until one day we don't and the book changes. I get lost in my busyness and become blind to these changes. The changes seem to happen gradually - one day I'm holding my infant, then he's walking, and before I can take a breath he is climbing stairs and writing his name. We've gone from diapers to pull-ups, to big boy underwear and I've managed to shield myself from the changes - never really breathing them in and acknowledging that change is just as much a resident in my home as any of the members who have a place at my kitchen table.

A calendar helps me count the days that tick by, and I sometimes stop and pause when a big event like a birthday or holiday bear down on me and remind me once more that this time with my children is ticking away. It's not often though that I sit down and capture my thoughts, but today there is a line in the sand, one I knew was approaching, but I've been too emotionally shut off to really grasp. Today is the last day of daycare for my oldest. Today marks the last day before he is considered a school-aged child.

After today I have one year of preschool, one of kindergarten, five of elementary school, three of middle, and four of high school. After today, our house is officially on a school schedule and I, like many other parents, will measure growth in academic years and summer vacations as opposed to vaccination visits and episodes of Sesame Street.

A Season of Change - One parent's reflection on approaching her child's first academic year.

Every parent warns you that time slips through your fingers and to cherish these moments - and I'll add to the choir, this is true. I've only been at this four and half years, but it feels like yesterday that I held my skinny, all-to-small premature baby and prayed with a conviction I've never known to allow him the opportunity to be a healthy, happy baby boy. And here he stands today, a beautiful product of my husband and I's efforts, of God's faithfulness, and of his powerful little will. He is a smart and vivacious little boy, who just wants a new backpack and some books to take to his new school. He has no idea of what lies ahead of him, and I'd be foolish to think I do either. We are on this journey together, and we are in a season of change.

Today, I'll likely shed a couple tears, have a glass of wine, and say an extra prayer but I'm determined to approach this new era with a joyful heart, knowing it has the potential to be even more fruitful. Now I just need to hold my breath and jump in.

A Season of Change - One parent's reflection on approaching her child's first academic year.

Cheers to all you parents who are facing a season of change. How are you managing the epic, but significant moments that push you and your family forward?

Be Blessed,
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  1. Sending you all the commiserating hugs I can muster!! I will join you for a glass of alcohol-free wine (yes, it exists and is gross), some chocolate, and probably a few extra prayers... today, and on our boys' first days of school!

    We can *do* this!! Like so many other mama's before us... we can do it!

  2. Ahhhh! Its so exciting but bittersweet. My oldest starts 7th grade this year and Im crying on the inside. But honestly Im so excited to see what changes he makes this year and I love the little glimpses I get of the man he will become. Cherish every moment. Take a ton of pictures. Laugh and Love hard! Sending hugs!