August 9, 2017

Elmo Birthday Party

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It seems almost impossible to believe that my youngest is now a two-year-old. He has brought so much love and light to our family, and it feels like he's been with us since before I can remember. He is such a natural extension of our family and the perfect addition. My little guy is always smiling and is incredibly laid back. He loves doggies and choo choos and most of all, Elmo. So it was only natural that we hosted an Elmo birthday party to celebrate him turning two. 

After scanning Pinterest and the rest of the interweb for Elmo birthday party ideas and inspiration, I was able to put together some relatively simple party favors and decorations to enhance the Sesame Street theme. You can check out my Elmo Birthday Party Pinterest board here or just keep scrolling to see some of the actual decorations.

Overall, the party was a big hit with the kids, and my little guy had a fantastic time. Even though he is not normally one to relish in the spotlight, he loved that everyone was singing happy birthday to him and he loved being surrounded by his favorite character, Elmo.

Elmo Birthday Party - Sunny days ahead sideway chalk

When guests arrived, they were greeted by balloons on the mailbox and some sidewalk chalk paint, similar to the chalk drawings at the beginning of each Sesame Street episode.

Elmo Birthday Party - Elmo head decoration made with red fiber and a styrofoam ball

A little trip up and down the aisles of the craft store, lead to the inspiration for this Elmo head. This is simply a styrofoam ball covered in red fibers. I used styrofoam glue to attach the fibers. The eyes are large google craft eyes and the nose was created from an everyday drink koozie - talk about being resourceful. Then I simply inserted a dowel rod so it would stand upright. 

Elmo Birthday Party - Sesame Street Tow Truck Sheet Cake from Publix

I purchased a quarter-sized Sesame Street Tow Truck sheet cake from Publix and added these Elmo candles. I love that the decorations are real toys so the kids can play with them long after the cake is gone and the party is over. 

Elmo Birthday Party - Red Balloon Wreath

This wreath was made of red balloons and another orange koozie nose and google eyes. I used a hot glue gun to adhere all the materials to a straw wreath form. 

The party favors were my favorite. I made two different takeaways, Cookie Monster Oreo packets and individual Dorothy fish bowls. 

Elmo Birthday Party - Cookie Monster Oreo Favors

Elmo Birthday Party - Dorothy Fish Favors
The Dorothy favors are small mason jars filled with blue jelly beans in two separate tones. I put one goldfish snack in each jar to represent Dorothy. The big fishbowl is filled with blue fish tank rocks. I found a goldfish image online which I printed out and taped to a dowel rod. The Dorothy sign can printable can be found below, and I also taped that to a dowel rod. 

Click here for free printouts of Dorothy sign, cookie monster heads, and bathroom signs. 

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas - sidewalk chalk, Dorothy fish favors, Cookie Monster Oreo favors, Elmo wreath and much more.

What are some of your best party-throwing tips?

Be Blessed,
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  1. You did such a great job with the party. So creative! Those cookie monsters are ADORABLE!!!

  2. I love this! So cute, and so well done!

  3. Oh my goodness, that's a lovely party! I love Sesame Street. My 16th birthday was Elmo themed (but you did a far better job!). Well done!